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Issue No. 73 (September 2023)

Welcome to the HKMU Library, a place for you to explore your treasure trove of knowledge, creativity, and inspiration! New to the Library? Join our orientation activities to get familiar with your library! Already a seasoned user? We have new E-Library systems, new library resources, and new facilities ready for your exploration! We would also like to share with you our promotion highlights of HKMU researchers and students’ achievements, and the exciting events that happened in the Library in the past few months.

We hope you will find this issue of newsletter rewarding and useful. See you soon at the Library!

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Explore your U-life with the HKMU Library

Welcome freshmen and everybody! Let’s start your U-life with the Library, and see what we have prepared for you in this lovely September!

Part I: Discovering your Library and online resources (Workshop & Tour)

Starting from 4 September, the Library has prepared different sessions for you to discover the HKMU Library. Each orientation session includes a workshop and a library tour. In the workshop, we will show you different library services, resources, and facilities, more importantly, we will also demonstrate how to search for library resources via LibSearch (HKMU Library webpage). During the tour, we will introduce you to different popular facilities in the Library and show you how to use them. You may even try them out by yourself!

Online sessions are also available for orientation workshop! Don’t miss the chance to know your Library!

Join our orientation sessions NOW!

Remember to join the “Library Quest: Explore, Learn and Win!” after joining our orientation workshop! Participating in both the orientation session and online quiz will increase your chance to win a prize in the lucky draw by twice as much!

Part II: Library Quest: Explore, Learn and Win!

Do you know your Library well? Do you know the types of facilities and services we provide for you? Don’t miss this chance to prove yourself and show off your library knowledge!

After completing the Library workshop and tour, it would also be a nice opportunity to review what you’ve learnt through this quick test!

Simply answer 10 questions, participants with full scores can join a lucky draw to win an Apple Watch Series 8, Marshall Stanmore II wireless speaker, SONY wireless noise-cancelling headphones or other fabulous prizes! You will learn something new and have fun in the process! Let’s win prizes for a good start of your semester!

Start the library quest NOW!

Grand launch of the new E-Library systems

Have you noticed any changes when searching for information on the library website? This summer, the Library has been upgraded to a brand-new cloud-based library management system and resources discovery solution, namely the Alma and Primo VE systems. The new systems optimize data retrieval functions, making it more effective in finding required resources from the Library Collection. Furthermore, the one-stop search box on the library website now supports searching for Library Collections, HKMU Past Exam Papers, HKMU Digital Archives, and Library Guides, making all searches faster and easier.

If you want to learn more about the details of the Library’s system upgrade project, please refer to the project webpage. You are also encouraged to take a look at our brief introduction that covers useful highlights of the new features.

To make it easier for you to understand and utilize the new features after the system upgrade, the Library has prepared several 30-minute online seminars. Please enrol in the seminars on the Library Workshop Series (Autumn Term 2023) webpage.

We hope these new features will provide you with a better library experience. Enjoy your new discovery!

Stay updated! Follow the HKMU Library on IG and receive a souvenir!

Would you like to stay updated on the latest news, events, and resources from your Library? Follow our Instagram account @hkmulib right now! You will see our latest activities, news, resources recommendations, and more. Plus, if you follow us before 31 October 2023, you will receive a special souvenir from us as a thank you gift! You can find more details about this activity on our promotional website.

Don’t miss this chance and follow @hkmulib today!

Stanley Ho Library space enhancement project

The Space Enhancement Project of the Stanley Ho Library was completed during this summer! A broad variety of brand new furniture items for leisure reading and collaborative study has been furnished on 2/F of the Stanley Ho Library to accommodate different needs. Besides, three new Group Study Rooms are now available in the Stanley Ho Library. The Group Study Rooms provide group study tables and chairs, interactive whiteboard and wireless LAN for use by 3 -10 students at the same time. Prior registration for use is required. Users can book the Rooms through the Online Booking System for Amenities (OBSA).

New library resources

Throughout the year, the Library is working busily in sourcing quality resources with an aim to facilitate your study, learning, teaching, and research as far as possible. In this new semester, we’d like to bring to your attention the following newly added collections with diverse subjects.

E-journals on cancer and molecular cell biology

A series of e-journals specializing in cancer discovery and molecular cell biology have been added to the Library Collection, including Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology and Oncogene by Nature Publishing Group, and a list of e-journals by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology provides sources of reviews, commentaries, perspectives and research highlights relevant to a broad scope of the subject for the scientific communities. Oncogene is one of the world’s leading cancer journals publishing the latest research on the cellular and molecular biology of cancer, including resistance to cancer therapies, and development of better approaches to improving survival.

AACR Journals platform consists of 10 e-journals covering the full spectrum of cancer research. For example, Cancer Discovery covers high-impact, peer-reviewed articles from research and clinical trials to keep the readers informed about the latest findings in the field.

Let’s explore more and discover the latest development in the field!

E-books and audiobooks on English language learning

To equip you with more useful tools in building up your English language skills, recently the Library has acquired nearly 7,000 e-titles not only on learning tips and skills but also literary and popular works with broad interest providing you with more choices in practicing your reading. One point worth mentioning is the addition of nearly a thousand audiobooks to our collection. Enjoy your reading and wish you’d find more fun in language learning with all these diverse resources on offer to you!

Chinese e-books on a variety of subjects

Annually, the Library is renewing various Chinese e-book acquisition models to enrich the Library Collection with more and more online choices for your study and research. Recently, more than 17,000 titles were added or renewed to Airiti E-book Collection, which covers broad subjects ranging from leisure reading to academic references. More than 20,000 titles will be added or renewed to HyRead E-book Collection in the following months. Stay tuned and go to LibSearch to learn more.

How to search for HKMU people’s works, and our research support for you

Want to search for HKMU researchers’ or students’ works from the Library? You may find some hints from our “Library Resources of the Month” homepage where we include highlights of HKMU researchers’ and students’ achievements. In the past few months, our promotion coverage has ranged from the President’s and academic professionals’ scholarly outputs, to newspaper articles and our students’ and alumni’s literary works. Check it out and see if you’d find works of your familiar classmates or professors!

On top of this, the Library is also providing many research support services to our users. If you are working on research papers or projects, you could get access to a variety of databases covering multiple disciplines and topics to meet your research purposes. We also provide access to Web of Science and Scopus, which consist of useful tools such as citation reports, h-index, journal rankings to help you track the impact and quality of academic publications.

Another service you definitely would not want to miss is the useful library guides we carefully prepared for you, including: “Research Impact” introducing the different metrics of evaluating a scholar’s research output, “Fake News: How to Spot Fake News” giving you tips on how to spot fake news, “Citing Sources of Information” and “Avoiding Plagiarism” helping you to learn more about what a citation is, how to cite a source and how to avoid plagiarism.

Explore the gems from our rich online resources and let the Library be your helpful buddy on your research journey!

Recent activities in the Library

The Library has been busy with various activities in the past few months. First of all, on 12 June 2023, we celebrated the end of the semester and the achievements of our student trainees. They did a good job in assisting our patrons, organizing our collections, and helping us in various library projects. To recognize their contribution to the Library, we had prepared a Certificate of Appreciation for every student trainee.

Secondly, on 14 and 21 August 2023, we welcomed a group of new student trainees who will be working with us for the coming academic year. They have met the library management, shared their ideas about the Library and undergone a two-day training to learn the basics of library work.

Furthermore, on the Orientation for New Undergraduate Students held on 17 August 2023, the Library had set up a promotion counter at the Ho Sik Yee Library, Jockey Club Campus. Through our interesting games, we hope our freshmen would learn more about the Library. What’s more, small gifts were offered to game participants. We wish them a fruitful and delightful academic year ahead!

Last but not least, to showcase the rich and diverse literature as well as the latest academic research on Cantonese Opera, the Library is holding an exhibition “粵韻書香: 粵劇藝術與學術研究展(Celebrating Cantonese Opera: A Literature Exhibition of Art and Scholarship” in August and September at the Stanley Ho Library. The opening ceremony was held on 16 August. Our student trainees served as masters of ceremonies. Distinguished guests including Professor Paul Lam, President; Professor Reggie Kwan, Provost; Professor Lui Yu-hon, Vice President (Resources and Development); and Professor Charles Kwong, Dean of School of Arts and Social Sciences had officiated at the opening ceremony. Furthermore, Dr. Kelly Chan, Associate Professor of School of Arts and Social Sciences, was invited as our guest speaker to share her insights on the topic.

More library events are coming. We look forward to seeing you in the Library!

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