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Issue No. 66 (November 2021)

Time flies and here comes the assignments season. In this issue, we would like to share with you some study tips, learning tools, workshop offers and our new library resources – all are to help you study smart and achieve your goals. Read on and enjoy your study!

Workshops on offer

It’s not always easy on the journey of study. Knowing how to equip yourself is the key!

In order to sharpen your skills of using or searching library resources, the Library has prepared a series of online and face-to-face workshops on different topics. To enhance your understanding of different databases, representatives of database vendors will be invited to introduce and give demos on using the databases. No matter you are at home or on campus, don’t miss these good opportunities for self-enhancement! Study smart, sign up now!

Registration starts NOW, don’t hesitate and join!

Learn with fun - Library online quizzes

To equip yourself for your study journey or to have fun, why not both? The Library has organized 8 online quizzes to let you know more about our electronic resources in a fun way.

What’s more, you will have a chance to win a prize!

If you wish to answer the questions in each quiz easily and correctly, don’t miss our Library workshop series! Through these workshops, you will learn how to use the library resources effectively in your study too! 

Join our online quizzes and workshops now!

Library Guides

Need help to find books, journal articles, databases or other library resources for your assignments which are due soon? Our library guides can help!

To facilitate you in locating relevant library resources and services more effectively, various Library Guides have been strategically designed to meet your needs.  We have:

  1. Subject Guides – giving you hints for finding subject-related books, journals, articles, databases, etc.
  2. General Purpose Guides – providing you with tips for using online library services.
  3. Topic Guides – introducing you to topical resources and information that may be useful for your study.

Let’s explore more with our library guides!

Anytime and anywhere – exploring your library online

Missed the chance to join our orientation activities to learn about the HKMU Library? Here comes another chance! Please visit our Library Virtual Tour and Online Library Orientation to learn about our facilities and services anytime and anywhere.

Our Library Virtual Tour is a collaboration project with the School of Arts and Social Sciences, whose talented students have helped us in producing the 3D models of the tour. Let us start touring around the two campus libraries virtually! 

New library resources

We are glad to introduce the following new resources that are freshly added to the Library Collection.

Initium Media 端傳媒

Initium Media is very likely not a new name to many of you. It is a Hong Kong-based digital media outlet, providing investigative reports, in-depth news, opinions and lifestyle contents in Chinese. Full-text articles are available for access via the web and the mobile application (app) version. Now you have one more resource for finding and reading Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as international news articles and reports.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an online language learning programme offering access to more than 70 world languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Lessons range from basic to comprehensive language and grammar skills with practical conversation skills, providing tutorials, films, and a variety of specialty courses in culture, like etiquette, carnival, wine and cheese, hospitality and tourism. Users can choose to log in as a guest or sign up with a personal account by using your HKMU email address to record your learning progress. For better study progress, you may even choose to practise any time you want by logging in via the app version with your personal account. Have fun on your language exploration journey!

Methodology for Teachers – Essential

The Library has subscribed to one more module from the Net Languages database, Methodology for Teachers – Essential, which provides the methodology on how to teach English. It consists of a 25-hour course for primary school teachers and a 50-hour course for secondary or adult teachers with practical, engaging, interactive materials and additional helpful tools and features. If you are a current English teacher or teacher-to-be for primary, secondary or adult students, this online course is for you! 

New E-book Platform – Elgaronline

The Library never stops exploring more quality e-book choices for your study and research all year round. We are pleased to update you that a new collection of English e-books on Business and Management has been sourced from Elgaronline, the online content platform for Edward Elgar Publishing, with hundreds of e-books added to the Library Collection. Browse from LibSearch to keep abreast of all the new resources we’ve collected for you!

Can I eat and drink in the Library?

Refreshment Corner in the Ho Sik Yee Library (Jockey Club Campus) is the only place in the two campus libraries where you can eat and drink.  Only snack-size items from the vending machines in the Refreshment Corner are allowed.  All drinks brought into the campus libraries must be non-alcoholic and in spill-proof bottles or containers with secure lids.  The lids should be fastened securely when bottles or containers are not in use.  For more details, see our Food and Drinks Policy.

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