About Alumni Affairs Unit

The Alumni Affairs Unit of the Public Affairs Office serves as a bridge between HKMU alumni and their alma mater. Through providing an array of activities, benefits, services and communications, we are committed to developing a connected alumni community.

Our Goals

•  To build a close and lifelong relationship with alumni;
•  To strengthen ties and enhance interaction among alumni;
•  To cultivate alumni's sense of belonging to their alma mater;
•  To provide a wide variety of services and benefits to alumni;
•  To raise alumni's awareness of and rally support for the University's development.

Highlight Alumni Affairs

A new chapter in alumni affairs developemt
As the University advances in multiple aspects, alumni affairs development is also venturing into a new chapter with three momentous progress – establishment of the Development and Alumni Affairs Office and the Hong Kong Metropolitan University Alumni Association Limited (HKMUAA), as well as the introduction of a brand new alumni identity proof system.
ME & U Stay Connected
Through providing various activities, benefits, services and communication channels, the Alumni Affairs Unit is committed to developing a connected alumni community. In future, we’ll continue our efforts to strengthen ties with our alumni and rally support for the University, and together we’ll scale new heights.

Event & Activities


The HKMU’s proud 30 years of success has owed much to the support and encouragement of its many stakeholders. As valued member of the HKMU community, we sincerely invite you to give back to your alma mater, from a single donation or a monthly gift, to supporting the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund or other areas of the University. Every dollar you donate translates into meaningful support and impetus which drive us forward. We sincerely look forward to joining hands with you in nurturing more aspiring learners.

Alumni Stories

Our Network

Don’t let university life just end after graduation! Forming an alumni group and gathering regularly with schoolmates having similar educational background, interests, and social networks will benefit you, your schoolmates and upcoming graduates. The group you form will also contribute to your alma mater’s continuous development.