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Issue No. 70 (November 2022)

“Assignment due!”

“Exam is coming!”

All of you should be working very hard for your study right now. To help you to have an easier study journey, we have gathered all the useful information in this issue for you, including our upcoming library workshops, tips on finding library resources for your homework or for exam preparation, as well as our featured resources to help you to brush up your language skills. We will also tell you about the happenings in the Library and our events for you.

Read on and hope you will find your key to successful learning!

Learn with ease—Let’s join our library workshops!

Here we are halfway through the semester, everyone is busy on preparing their assignments and group projects.

The Library has prepared a series of online and face-to-face workshops from November to December in order to level up your skills in using or searching library resources, making your assignments and projects preparation easier!

If you are searching for dissertations from different universities or on specific topics, this workshop can help you to learn more.

♦ Finding dissertations or thesis for your study – 11th November

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Unfamiliar to citation? Don’t know how to manage dozens or hundreds of references? These two workshops will be your great chance to know about it!

♦ Citing references and avoiding plagiarism – 18th November

♦ Managing citations with EndNote Web – 23rd November

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To enhance your understanding of different databases, representatives of database vendors will be invited to introduce and give demos on using the databases. Learn more about the databases, they are good tools for your works!

♦ Scopus – A powerful analytical tool to start your research journey – 7th December 2022
Scopus is an abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature covering scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.

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How to locate a print book from the book shelves?

Have you ever wondered why psychology-related titles are found on Class “B” book shelves while the medicine-related titles on Class “R” book shelves in the Library?

The Library has an extensive collection of printed items, which are classified by the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) Scheme according to different subjects. Books are then arranged on shelves by the call number found on the spine of the books. Therefore, according to LCC Scheme, when you look for psychology-related titles, you need to go to Class “B” book shelves and Class “R” book shelves for medicine-related titles. You may go to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme website to check the full list of classification.

We have prepared notes of LC Classes and you can find them on the book shelves. There is also a simple guide “How to read Call Numbers” to help you understand how call numbers are arranged.

How to search for past exam papers?

Examination is near. Before you start your revision, drop by the Library and look at our Reserve Collection. We have past exam papers from selected courses in the Library that could help you familiarize with the exam format and make your study more effective.

The printed version of exam papers could be borrowed at the Service Counter for two hours, while the e-version could be accessed online. Type in the full course code in LibSearch and refine the results with “Exam Paper” under “Resources Type” to access the e-version or check the location of the printed copies.

You could go to the Library Guides for complete steps of finding past papers or video demonstration.

Please note that exam papers of some courses are not provided to the Library. If the exam papers are not found, please contact your course coordinator directly.

Featured library resources for your study

Want to improve your speaking and writing skills for presentation and assignment preparation? The Library has subscribed to the following resources to help you!

We had subscribed to various online courses from Clarity English to help you brushing up your reading skills (Active Reading course), speaking skills (Clear Pronunciation 2 course) and writing skills (Practical Writing course). If you are going to take IELTS, we also have the online preparation tool, Road to IELTS (Full Version – Academic) for you.

Apart from Clarity English, you can also learn from other useful online courses of Net Languages. This resource can help you revising your grammar (Grammar Practice) and vocabulary (Vocabulary Practice). There are also online courses on writing, English for work, English for health professional and preparation for IELTS. Please visit our A-Z databases list to find out more about Clarity English and Net Languages.

Finally, before submitting your assignment, don’t forget an important step – spell check! Make a good use of our online dictionaries tools so that your well written assignment would not be spoiled by careless mistakes.

LibGuides and "How to..." videos

It’s now mid-term and you must be getting busy with your assignments. The Library has provided you tips for finding resources which can help you to prepare your assignments more effectively.

If you would like to find statistics from reliable resources, you may visit our “How to find Statistics” guide which serves as a starting point to look for relevant statistics and economics & market data.

News and newspapers are also useful reference resources. Go to the “How to find News Articles” library guide to search for local and international news.

The “How to find Dissertations and Theses” guide can help you to locate dissertations and theses from local and worldwide resources. If you start preparing your paper and would like to get some inspiration from others’ works, the Dissertations and Theses databases would be of help to you.

While you are encouraged to use different resources as references, you should have a proper acknowledgement when quoting the works in order to avoid plagiarism accusations. Please visit our “Avoiding Plagiarism” and “Citing Sources of Information” guides to learn more about the topics.

We have also prepared a numbers of guiding videos for searching library resources and topical information that would be useful for your study. Go to our Online Tutorials to find out more video instructions.

Library orientation video

When you first came to the Library on campus, wandering around different areas and bookshelves, did you feel like having a new adventure? Despite feeling a bit lost, everything seems new and wonderful!

Students from the Creative Writing and Film Arts programme of the Department of Creative Arts, School of Arts and Social Sciences, have produced a Library Orientation Video inspired by the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the video, you can visit every corner in the HKMU Library following Alice’s footsteps and learn about the library facilities and services. From script writing to filming and post-production, every stage of the video making is nicely prepared by our students.

Let’s enjoy the video and come to the wonderful libraryland!

Refurbishing the Stanley Ho Library

The Library never stops enhancing the facilities and environment to improve user experience!  Enhancement work will be held on 2/F of the Stanley Ho Library, Main Campus in 2022/23.  Group study rooms with interactive whiteboard will be set up to cater for the needs of collaborative study.  A broad variety of furniture items will also be made available in the study areas.  No matter you prefer a self-study zone or a group-based learning atmosphere, the Library can accommodate your needs!

Meanwhile, Library collections and shelves are being re-arranged to free up space for renovation work. Please bear with the occasional noise generated during the work period.

We look forward to a better study space!

Tell us your favourite place for studying

Do you often visit the Library? Where is your favourite place of study?

Share with us your choice! Follow our Instagram (@hkmulib) and give a “Like” to your favourite study place from now till 30 November 2022. 

As a token of thanks, we have prepared a souvenir for our IG followers. If you are one of the voters of the study space receiving the most numbers of “Like”, you will also receive a Special Edition tote bag as souvenir! Details about this activity can be found on our website.

Please visit the Stanley Ho Library and Ho Sik Yee Library after your classes, or take a look of our Virtual Tour to see all the welcoming studying spaces we have prepared for you!

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