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Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing

Welcome to Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU).

Founded in 1989, we now become a modern comprehensive university. We tailor our professional programmes to adapt to market trends and meet industry needs, thus providing our students with quality professional education and clear career paths.

Our signature programmes include areas in high demand, such as nursing, physiotherapy, medical laboratory technology, building services engineering, surveying, creative arts, early childhood education, business management and corporate governance. Our efforts and achievements in providing professional education are evidenced by the largest share in the number of subsidised places under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP), funded by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Our faculty and staff ensure that our students have a solid academic foundation and equip them with essential work skills and capabilities through internships, global immersion programmes, and collaborative initiatives with our business and industry partners.

HKMU launched a Global Faculty Recruitment Campaign to recruit quality academics from all over the world and a Central Faculty Fund to provide additional funding to attract such talent. Also available is the Faculty Advancement Fund for faculty members to undertake scholarly activities locally or overseas for up to 12 months.

HKMU aims to be a faculty-driven, student-centred university in support of innovative teaching and learning, strategic research, and stakeholder outreach to provide maximum benefit to our communities.

At HKMU, we conduct research that advances knowledge and enhances teaching, focusing on strategic areas, including digital humanities and literature, international business, gerontechnology, personalised care, smart city, open and innovative education, and bilingual learning and teaching. These research areas are uniquely relevant and beneficial to the development of Hong Kong and the region.

Our University is becoming an ever more vital link in addressing and helping Hong Kong to solve many difficult challenges – as part of our involvement in, and commitment to, the ‘metropolis’ of Hong Kong. Our plans to expand into the Greater Bay Area (GBA) through the planned HKMU (Zhaoqing) will also cultivate talent to serve Hong Kong and the wider metropolitan GBA.

Stay tuned to this website for our latest endeavours and exciting plans for the future.

Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing

Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing

Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing is President of Hong Kong Metropolitan University and Chair Professor of Environmental Chemistry.


Professor LAM received a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Hong Kong between 1979 and 1984. He was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship in 1984 to undertake doctorate studies at the University of Sheffield in the UK. He took up a Croucher Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at King's College, University of London, and in 1988, he returned to Hong Kong to take up a lecturing position at City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. He subsequently held positions in a number of universities, including the Chinese University of Hong Kong (1990–1992) and the Victoria University, in Australia (1992–1994). In 1994, he joined the Department of Chemistry (formerly the Department of Biology and Chemistry) at City University of Hong Kong.


Professor LAM is a front-runner in the higher education sector in Hong Kong and is well-versed with academic development and university administration. Prior to joining HKMU, he was the Executive Director of Special Projects, Jeanie Hu Professor of Science and Chair Professor of the Department of Chemistry at City University of Hong Kong. During his long service at City University of Hong Kong since 1994, he assumed other management positions as Acting Vice-President (Undergraduate Education), Vice-President (Student Affairs), Chief-of-Staff and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution.


Professor LAM is a renowned scholar and expert in environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, and environmental risk assessment. Among his many academic achievements, Professor LAM’s work in ecology and environmental analysis has raised environmental awareness and defined new sensitive analytical methodology for emerging chemicals of concern. He developed techniques for trace analyses of these chemicals in key environmental matrices, contributing to the international harmonisation of analytical methods to address such concerns. By providing key evidence relating to the distribution and persistence of such chemicals, his research has influenced policy and legislation globally.


Professor LAM is the author or co-author of over 400 publications in international refereed journals. He has been responsible for over 35 major government consultancy projects in the environmental field, including the assessment of risks to Hong Kong cetaceans and water birds from toxic contaminants. He was awarded the Natural Science Award (Second Class) in 2011, 2012 and 2019 by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.


Professor Lam actively participates in community service. He is currently Chairman of the Accreditation Advisory Board, Member of the Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis, Member of Lantau Development Advisory Committee, Member of Global STEM Professorship Scheme Assessment Panel under the Innovation and Technology Bureau, Member of the Land Sharing Pilot Scheme Panel of Advisors, and Member of the Standing Committee on Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service. He was Chairman of the Advisory Council on the Environment from 2010 to 2016. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2008 and was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star in 2014 by the HKSAR Government.

Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing


Doctor of Philosophy1988University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Master of Philosophy1984University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Science1982University of Hong Kong


Occurrence, Bioaccumulation, and Toxicities of Emerging Chemicals of Concern in Environmental Matrices, Second Class Natural Science Award, Ministry of Education, People's Republic of China 2019 (as Principal Investigator)
Environmental process mechanism and quantitative structure-activity relationship study on emerging pollutants, Second Class Natural Science Award, Ministry of Education, People's Republic of China 2012 (as Co-Investigator)
Geochemistry and risk assessment of perfluorinated compounds in the Chinese southeastern coastal region, Second Class Natural Science Award, Ministry of Education, People's Republic of China 2011 (as Principal Investigator)
Distinguished Alumni Award 2019, Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong
Award, Silver Bauhinia Star, Hong Kong SAR Government (2014)
Member, HKSAR Justices of the Peace (non-gov), Hong Kong SAR Government (2008)
Visiting Fellow, National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology, Australia (1998)
Jackson Memorial Fellow, Griffith University, Australia (1998)
Croucher Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship tenable at King's College, London (1987-1989)
Commonwealth Scholarship tenable at the University of Sheffield (1984-1987)
'Highly Commended Talk' award for a paper delivered to the British Ecological Society in 1984
Swire Scholarship, the University of Hong Kong (1983-1984)
Postgraduate Studentship, the University of Hong Kong (1982-1984)


City University of Hong Kong:
2020-2021Executive Director of Special Projects, Vice-President Level (Concurrent appointment)
2020-2021Jeanie Hu Professor of Science
2005-2021Chair Professor, Department of Chemistry
2013-2019Chief-of-Staff (Vice-President) (Concurrent appointment)
2010-2020Director, State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (Concurrent appointment)
2009-2013Vice-President (Student Affairs) (Concurrent appointment)
2007-2008Acting Vice-President (Undergraduate Education) (Concurrent appointment)
2004-2007Associate Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering (Concurrent appointment)
2006-2007Acting Head of Department, Department of Biology and Chemistry (Concurrent appointment)
2001-2005Professor (Reader), Department of Biology and Chemistry
1996-2001Associate Professor (Scale A), Department of Biology and Chemistry
1994-1996Associate Professor (Scale B), Department of Biology and Chemistry
Victoria University of Technology, Australia:
1992-1994Lecturer, Department of Environmental Management
Chinese University of Hong Kong:
1990-1992Lecturer, Department of Biology
City Polytechnic of Hong Kong:
1988-1990Lecturer, Department of Applied Science


Master of Philosophy:19 completed
Doctor of Philosophy:52 completed; 3 in progress


Editor-in-chiefAquatic Toxicology (2020-present)
Subject EditorEcosystem Health and Sustainability (2014-present)
Associate EditorJournal of Environmental Sciences (2015-present)
MemberEditorial Board of Advances in Environmental Research (AER) (since 2011)
MemberEditorial Board of Environmental Chemistry (HUANJING HUAXUE)
Associate EditorChemosphere (Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment) (2004-2008)
MemberEditorial Advisory Board, Environmental Science & Technology (2010-2022)
Hon. ProfessorNanjing University, China
Hon. ProfessorSouth China Normal University, China
Hon. ProfessorUniversity of Queensland, Australia
Visiting Prof.National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.
External PhD AdvisorShantou University, China (2017-2019)
MemberManagement Committee and Steering Committee of the Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund, Hong Kong Airport Authority (2016-2020)
MemberAdvisory Council on the Environment, HK SAR Government (2005-2016)
Deputy ChairmanAdvisory Council on the Environment, HK SAR Government (2009)
ChairmanAdvisory Council on the Environment, HK SAR Government (2010-2016)
MemberTown Planning Board, Hong Kong SAR Government (2006-2012)
MemberCountry and Marine Parks Board, Hong Kong SAR Government (2005-2011)
ChairmanMarine Parks Committee, Country and Marine Parks Board, Hong Kong SAR Government (2005-2011)
MemberMarine Mammal Conservation Working Group, Hong Kong SAR Government (2001-2007)
MemberRed Tide/Harmful Algal Bloom Expert Advisory Group, Hong Kong SAR Government (2004-2020)
MemberManagement & Development Committee of the Mai Po Marshes, WWF Hong Kong (2001-2005)
MemberWetland Advisory Committee, HK SAR Government (1999-2004)
ChairmanManagement sub-committee, Wetland Advisory Committee, HK SAR Government (1999-2004)
MemberHKSAR Steering Committee for Research Themes under the Research Endowment Fund (2009-2017)
MemberAdvisory Committee on Post-service Employment of Civil Servants, HK SAR Government (2011-2017)
MemberIndependent Commission Against Corruption Operations Review Committee (2015-2020)
MemberHKSAR Witness Protection Review Board Panel (2015-2020)


From Ministry of Science and Technology, Peoples' Republic of China:
YearSourceAmount (in HK$)
2018Research Projects funded by the Mainland Government “亞熱帶香港水域海洋與河口食物網中傳統與新興鹵化阻燃劑研究:富集特徵、營養轉移及源辨識” “Conventional and Emerging Chiral Halogenated Flame Retardants in Marine and Estuarine Food Webs in Subtropical Hong Kong Waters: Accumulation Profiles, Trophic Transfer, and Source Identification”1,152,000
From Hong Kong SAR Government:
YearSourceAmount (in HK$)
2017Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund (SFDF) “魚排上建立示範及教育單位,展示商業上可行的循環海水育苗系統” “Establishment of a commercially viable recirculating system for rearing fish fingerlings: a demonstration project for public education”3,778,880
From Municipal Government of Shenzhen:
YearSourceAmount (in RMB)
2017Shenzhen Innovative Technology Committee “Study on Ecological Thresholds in Urbanised Coastal Bay Areas”2,000,000
From Natural Science Foundation of China:
YearSourceAmount (in HK$)
2012Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Grant Assessment and Characterisation of Novel and Unknown Per- and Polyfluorinated Compounds in Pearl River and Yangtze River Delta917,000
From Hong Kong Research Grants Council:
YearSourceAmount (in HK$)
2012NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme, Research Grants Council Pharmaceuticals in Municipal Sewage Treatment Works of China: Behaviour and Risk Assessment815,701
2015Collaborative Research Fund (CRF), Research Grants Council “Benthic and epiphytic toxic algae (BETA): An emerging threat to coral ecosystems in Hong Kong waters”5,573,636
2009Collaborative Research Fund (CRF), Research Grants Council “Algal Toxins: Development of Analytical and Bioassay Detection Methods and Assessment of Environmental Transfer in Marine Food Webs”3,200,000
2016General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council “Environmental assessment of chiral pharmaceuticals in Hong Kong and its surrounding region: occurrence, fate and potential toxicological significance”540,824
2014General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council “Conventional and emerging halogenated flame retardants in marine and estuarine food webs in subtropical Hong Kong waters: accumulation profiles, trophic transfer, and source identification”683,570
2013General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council “Population trends, food sources, habitat use, and trace element exposure of marine mammals in Pearl River Delta: using teeth as biological time capsules for tracing environmental changes”435,614
2010General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council “Measurement and assessment of novel halogenated flame retardants in waterbirds and marine cetaceans in Hong Kong”462,000
2008General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council “Distribution, accumulation, and trophic transfer of perfluorinated compounds, and total and extractable organic fluorine in an aquatic food web of a tropical wetland”401,336
2007Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Measurement and assessment of perfluorinated compounds in waterbirds and marine cetaceans in Hong Kong”685,937
2005Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Study of Perfluorinated Compounds and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in the Pearl River Estuary”1,014,000
2004Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Assessment of the Transfer of Contaminants Accumulated in Fisheries Resources to Cetaceans in Hong Kong: A Novel Assessment of Bioavailability Using an In Vitro Physiologically-based Extraction Test (PBET)”819,000
2003Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Assessment of Risk to Cetaceans along the South China Coast Due to Contaminants with Special Reference to the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins”841,000
2002Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Assessment of Risk to Ardeids in Hong Kong Due to Organochlorine and Organotin Contaminants with Special Reference to the Mai Po/Inner Deep Bay Ramsar site”975,200
2000Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Biokinetics and biotransformation of PSP toxins in green-lipped and common fan mussels in Hong Kong”823,400
1997Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Use of protein phosphatase inhibition assay for screening tumour-promoting toxins in aquatic systems: a colorimetric approach”686,880
1996Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Research Grants Council “Sublethal effects of toxicants on the patterns of energy allocation and nutrient utilisation of freshwater snails”385,000
As a core member of the Area of Excellence Scheme “Marine Environmental Research and Innovative Technology – MERIT” under the University Grants Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, China (Project No. AoE/P-04/2004). The total funding for a team of 23 local members and 5 overseas members is HK$45 million for 5 years (2004-2009).
As the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (2010-2020), which receives HK$ 10 million annually from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong SAR Government.


> 30 major consultancy projects, with total contract value of > HK$40,000,000, including:
“Provision of Consultancy Services to Develop Options for a Fisheries Monitoring Programme in Hong Kong” for Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (2019-2021)
“Fish Resources Study for the Proposed Marine Park in the Brothers Islands” for Highways Department (2012-2017)
“Provision of Services for the Technical Review and Statistical Analysis of the Datasets of Waterbird Monitoring Programme for the Deep Bay Area” for Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (2012-2016)
“Assessment of Environmental Contaminants in Marine Mammals in Hong Kong” for Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (2008-2009)
“Study on Persistent Organic Pollutants in Local Waterbirds in Hong Kong” for Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (2006-2007)
“Independent Expert to Investigate the Alleged Claim of High Oyster Mortality in Deep Bay due to the HK-SWC Construction Works” for Highways Department (2004)
“Development of a Biological Indicator System for Monitoring Marine Pollution” for Environmental Protection Department (2001-2003)
“Consultancy Study on Fisheries and Marine Ecological Criteria for Impact Assessment” for Agriculture and Fisheries Department (1999-2001)
“Environmental Impact Assessment on the Construction of a Large Thermal Power Station (approx. 5000 MW) at Black Point” for China Light and Power Company (1991)
“Environmental Impact of Marine Fish Culture Industry in Hong Kong” for Hong Kong Government (1989-1990)


Professor Paul LAM Kwan-sing

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