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At the 24th Congregation held on 15 December 2015, former President Yuk-Shan Wong formally announced the University motto in Chinese: ‘公誠毅樸.開明進取’. The Motto was approved by the University Council following an open competition involving all students, staff, alumni and the Council. About 100 motto proposals were received in the competition and two finalist proposals – both submitted by students – were selected by the Motto Selection Committee. The two finalist proposals were subsequently merged and refined to form the final Motto that was approved by the University Council.

The motto in Latin is “Disce, Progredere, Crea”. The Motto encapsulates both the Chinese and Western views on education: providing well-being, fairness and justice to all, and that all students and staff shall act with integrity and honesty, and live in harmony with the nature. They must learn, advance, and create with an open mind and strive for success with perseverance.

Motto narrative in English is as follows:


Education is a Public Good. Chinese educational philosophy starts with self-cultivation, managing the family, contribute to the country and then pacify the world.



Integrity is the core of education. Education’s ultimate goal is to seek the truth, and uphold the truth. Integrity means insistently practicing what we preach.



Perseverance requires will power that makes a person resilient against adverse learning challenges. Diligence and efforts can overcome any inadequacies in intellectual endowment in learning. With perseverance, education is achievable for all, and thus education becomes equitable.



Education seeks simplicity of life and environmental sustainability. Ultimately it seeks understanding of the Nature and harmonizing with the Nature.



Open and flexible learning unleashes creativity and innovation that come from within the self. Learning with open-mindedness generates curiosity and prompts discovery.



Understanding is the prime function of education, as it cultivates students to understand the illustrious virtues and knowledge through meticulous investigations.



Progressive education is an ongoing journey that is always forward looking, self-renewing, transforming and is thus lifelong learning, motivated by the inner drive from the heart.



Acquisition is the utmost gain in education, such as acquiring knowledge, understanding and insights that would continuously advance the self. The integrity of an educated person is to hold firm to the truth, and say no to distortion and corruption of the truth.

勵學致遠 敬慎日新
Transcendence through Erudition and Renewal

After the retitling of the University on 1 September 2021, a working group comprising representatives of staff, students and alumni was set up to review the University motto. Following an extensive deliberation process, the Working Group on the University Motto made its recommendation to the Council. At its meeting of 16 June 2022, the Council approved the adoption of the new motto:“勵學致遠 敬慎日新”(Transcendence through Erudition and Renewal).

“勵學致遠”emphasises steadfast learning and its long-term accomplishments, while“敬慎日新”focuses on the determined and continuous renewal of one's character and virtue. The motto matches the mission of the University to provide quality education to its students and nurture the enhancement of both knowledge and character. It also reflects the core values and strategic goals of the University.

The mission of HKMU is to advance learning, knowledge and research to meet the learning aspirations of its students and the talent needs of society. The University offers quality education, guided by its core values of fairness, integrity, perseverance and innovation. Its programmes are tailored to adapt to market trends, thus providing its students with quality education and a clear career path.

HKMU is committed to equipping its students with all-round education, valuable skills and a mature mindset, and helping them discover and realise their full potential to reach a higher level through their educational experience at HKMU. The University also cultivates a sense of social responsibility and the desire for life-long learning, and seeks to facilitate and empower its students to innovate and invest in a better future for both themselves and the community. HKMU graduates are expected to become a driving force to promote the well-being and further progress of society.

The motto is derived from ancient treatises, with details as follows: