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Let's Move Forward Together!

Dear Colleagues,

About 300 faculty and staff from three campuses joined the Townhall Meeting on 24 May. The aim of this annual event was to 1) update faculty and staff on the latest developments of the University; 2) review our accomplishments during the previous year; and 3) discuss how we should prepare for the work that lies ahead.

Although it was challenging to achieve all these objectives in 90 minutes, one of my goals was to get everybody thinking about the issues of common interest and help colleagues understand, prioritise and focus on the key issues that will determine whether we will succeed or fail as a modern university.

It was gratifying to see many important and relevant issues (including written questions) brought up at the Meeting.

Here are some examples:

How can the University maintain financial sustainability against the backdrop of a potential reduction in tuition income (due to the declining number of secondary school graduates) and increasing costs (due to various enhancement measures at the University)?

How did the recent Pay-level Review make our University more competitive? What are the University's plans to enhance the career prospects of administrative staff (e.g. introducing associate directors, senior directors and associate vice-presidents)? Can the Faculty Advancement Fund be expanded to benefit administrative staff?

Will the university review its policy on the Normal Retirement Age (NRA)?

Will the university introduce more staff-friendly policies, including flexible work arrangements: flexible work hours, working from home and special leave – marriage leave, parental leave, compassionate leave and birthday leave?

Why did the university apply to become a University of Applied Sciences (UAS)?

What are the implications for the careers of academic staff and prospects for programmes that are not aligned with the UAS?

How can faculty and staff make a meaningful contribution to the UAS initiative?

How can faculty and staff participate in the functional design and space allocation of the HKMU Hub for Community Health and Wellness?

I appreciate these important and meaningful questions and intend to organise smaller-scale meetings, such as breakfast sessions and happy hour gatherings, to discuss specific topics with fellow colleagues. I look forward to seeing you at these events!

Lastly, I invite you to view the recorded event by visiting the “Internal Communications” section on the President's Message webpage.

Paul LAM Kwan-sing