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University Logo

The logo has a simple and clear design, using the letters “M” and “U” from the abbreviation of the University title. “M” stands for “me”, which represents students, while “U” means “you”, which refers to everything surrounding the students, including their peers, teachers, community and society. HKMU serves as a platform connecting “me” and “you” and contains stories that belong to all students, who are closely related to their peers, the university and society. HKMU is committed to providing programmes to meet community interests and needs, sharing knowledge with our students, equipping them with valuable skills, and helping them to realize their full potential. Upon graduation, they will continue to excel, and become a driving force to promote social progress.

The logo uses the colours green and blue. In addition to representing our valued heritage, it reflects the breakthrough and transformation of the University, which has moved with the times and gone beyond its original boundaries to capture new opportunities and meet future challenges.