March 2022 Issue

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March 2022 Issue

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Special work arrangement of the Alumni Affairs Unit
(Online seminar) Hope as Cultural Mechanism in Social Development: the case of Hong Kong (11 Mar)
Latest promotion of BOC HKMU Dual Currency Platinum Card (Chinese version only)
Chinese humanities graduate Clint Ho had been a construction worker before retirement. With a passion for the quest of knowledge and determination, he embarked on undergraduate studies in fine art when he was about to turn 60 and went on to obtain a master's degree in the same subject. Clint plans to hold a solo exhibition two years from now.
Rediscover Your Alma Mater

The first master's degree programme launched by the University is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). It was launched in 1995 and attracted 288 students to register. By that time, the School of Business Administration, with 8,000 students, was the largest section of the then Open Learning Institute (OLI) and one of the biggest English language business schools of its kind in the world.

After that, the OLI continued to expand its master's degree programmes. For example, the Master of Education was launched in 1996 for graduate teachers. Now 43 master's degree programmes are on offer.

Happy Share
First book published by devoted writer
E-learning technique recognized
Starting up a new business
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