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September 2017 Inaugural Issue

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OUSU Notebook Program 2017
Facebook fan page of Nursing Alumni Association
Twelve OUHK programmes selected under new round of SSSDP
Application for Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC)
OU People
Lau Yuen-keung (BBA in China Business 2014) was crowned Overall Championship for Boxing in the 52 kg group in 2014. One year later when he graduated from the Police College, he was the recipient of the Silver Whistle Award and the Shave Cup. Let’s share the story of his tough journey!
Many alumni might have seen Dr George Lau of the testing and certification programme on the popular TV show Sidewalk Scientist from time to time. Surrounded by a group of funny presenters demanding answers from him, Dr Lau elucidated scientific theories in a poised and self-assured manner. Why is an academic like him willing to appear on such a TV show?
Happy Share
Dennis Cheung Pak-shun, BSSc (Hon) 2010
Alice Wei Siu-lik, BSc in Computing and Networking 2011
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