January 2022 Issue

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January 2022 Issue

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Alumni exclusive offer: B P International, Chung Ying Theatre, DHL, Lovingly Signed, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, Sense Production
LiPACE Academic Forum Series 6: Non-formal Education as interface between University and Community (13 Jan)
Sports and Recreation Management programme graduate Alice Cheng Lai-chun is a Hong Kong rhythmic gymnastics representative, an elite athlete of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, as well as a national-level athlete. When Alice was young, she admired very much the graceful figures of rhythmic gymnasts. From novice player to repeated all-round champion, while combining studies and sport training, Alice has perfectly interpreted every rhythmic movement.
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While taking photos with friends and family on campus during the period of graduation celebrations, you may be aware that there are two statues of the great figures erected on the podium garden of the Main Campus. The statue of Confucius was unveiled and donated by the Fong's Family Foundation in 1996, while the statue of Sun Yat Sen was unveiled and contributed by Dr Lily Sun Sui-fong, President of Dr Sun Yat-sen Foundation for Peace and Education in 2011. The vision of the two great figures – 'Education For All (有教無類)' and 'The World Belongs to All (天下為公)' has had great influences to the University and students throughout the ages.
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Establishment of scholarship for fellow students

Producing student radio drama
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