September 2019 Issue

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Sep 2019
What’s New
OUSU Notebook Program 2019
Town Hall Meeting on University Title Review (Alumni) (9 Sep)
Alumni exclusive offer: Zuni Icosahedron
Chinese medicine talk by Chinese Medicinal Nursing Association of the OUHK (Alumni) (20 – 21 Sep) (Chinese Only)
Annual General Meeting of the MBA Assoication of the OUHK (28 Sep)
OU People
Lee Wan-yi, a graduate of English Language Studies, is more than an enthusiast in archery. Holding various archery records in Hong Kong, she remains steady, focused and targeted in every shot. In the journey of life, is she able to maintain the same resilience, aim towards her goals and ensure that she never misses out?
Happy Share
Giving general education lecture on astronomy
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