July 2021 Issue

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July 2021 Issue

What’s New
Creative Arts Graduation Show 2021 (16-26 Jul)
Alumni exclusive offer: Senior Citizen Home Safety Association
New programme: Master of Science in Chinese Environmental Studies
Application for Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC) and preparation courses (in Chinese)

OU People
The rapid development of fintech has led to the proliferation of start-up companies in recent years, and emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain and digital currency have become hot topics in the city. Before the craze arrived in Hong Kong, these topics had already caught the attention of alumnus Emil Chan, who has held senior position in a foreign bank. Over the years, Emil is committed to promoting fintech in Hong Kong and has helped to nurture a number of start-up companies.


OU Fun Facts

The University is turning a new page soon and will be retitled as Hong Kong Metropolitan University. With the new logo unveiled, do you know the meaning of the OUHK's current logo?

The design concept of the current logo is derived from the acronym 'OU' of the English name 'Open University’. The sun and the moon are two separate planets and they are assembled to form the logo. With the letter 'O' resembling the sun and the space between the two letters a crescent moon, the logo has a symbolic meaning of the flexibility of learning.

The logo also demonstrates a fine blend of the traditional Chinese calligraphy and modern western style, symbolizing the wide variety of programmes provided by the University. Moreover, the clear and concise strokes of the Chinese name of the University were the masterpiece of the famous Chinese calligrapher Mr Qi Kung.

Happy Share
Welcoming new member in the family
Alumna publishes new book
Named 'Caring Company' for three years in a row
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