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When I called Lau Yuen-keung to arrange an interview, I was surprised to hear a really gentle and pleasant voice. It was a bit difficult for me to imagine that it is from the Hong Kong Boxing Association's Overall Championship for Boxing in the 52 kg Group. He was also awarded the Talent Development Scholarship under the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) while being a business student at OUHK. In 2015 when he graduated from the Police College, he was the recipient of the Silver Whistle Award and the Shave Cup.

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Always gives his best

After graduating from the BBA in China Business, Yuen-keung applied to become a police officer. Though he is an amateur boxer, he admits that training under the summer heat was a tough job and foot drill was particularly strenuous and demanding. 'I took the training as a challenge and I gave my best and tried to push myself harder to see how far I could go.' He recalls attending a seminar learning how to keep score in a bowling game when he was at OUHK and understands that one has to give his best all the time as 'points' will be accumulated. He was inspired by this and always tries his very best in everything he does. Eventually he finished the police training course and topped his class when graduating.

When asked about how his university studies can help his current job of a police officer, he answered with gratitude, 'I have taken some business communication courses and good interpersonal communication is really useful as it is the key to many things I am doing at the moment, especially handling disputes.'

To land the knockout punch when it really counts

Yuen-keung became very excited when talking about his real love in life – boxing. But after joining the police, he has not been in any boxing competitions for two years. This year he was back on the ring and won the 56 kg Group competitions in June and August. 'I really enjoy being back on the boxing ring. Although at first I felt a bit nervous,some pressure could help me perform better.' The workload of a police officer is heavy and it is tough to juggle work and interest. But Yuen-keung has been doing very well so far. 'Being young is a big plus when it comes to boxing. So I would give my best. When I look back, I hope I won't have any regrets. Aiming at winning the Boxing Tournament Championship, Yuen-keung also wants to represent Hong Kong again in the national competitions and join the World Police and Fire Games.