Master of Arts in Cultural Leadership

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Master of Arts in Cultural Leadership: shaping the future of local and global culture  

The Master of Arts in Cultural Leadership aims to provide a formative platform for the new generation of cultural leaders in Hong Kong, in the Greater Bay Area, in Mainland China, in Asia, and even beyond – people who are likely to shape the cultural horizons of the new metropolises of the world, representatives of a creative category that generates the possibilities of spiritual development for their respective communities.

The academic principles of the programme are based upon three essential components:

(i) fostering cultural development and development through culture;

(ii) encouraging artistic innovation and creative vision; and

(iii) cultivating inspiration and stimulating originality.

Accordingly, the pedagogical implementation of the programme involves three pivotal teaching paradigms:

  • theoretical courses that integrate the most recent development on relevant topics;
  • analytical, synthetic and comparative case-studies of iconic local and global cultural organisations;

and, most importantly

  • practical know-how and direct experience shared by top cultural leadership experts worldwide.

Do you want to establish yourself as a professional in the field of culture, and go further than anyone else? Do you want to make your dreams come true, and inspire others to pursue theirs? Do you want to be a true cultural leader?

If your answer is 'yes' to all of the above questions, this is the MA Programme for you! In order to be great, you must learn from the great. It is exactly what we are offering: a unique opportunity to have direct encounters with key figures from major cultural institutions from all around the globe. They have not only changed the world of culture, but they have changed the world through culture. So can you!

Prof. Octavian Saiu

Programme Leader