Master of Social Sciences

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The Master of Social Sciences (MSSCF) programme offered by the Department of Social Sciences of HKMU incorporates the disciplines of economics, psychology, political science and social policy, while at the same time providing an option for students to declare their specialization. Students could select an interested specialization, namely (1) Applied Economics and Policy Analysis, (2) Applied Psychology, (3) Criminology and Social Policy Studies and (4) Global Governance. The common core and specialization courses will be taught by a strong team of experts from economics, psychology, sociology and political science backgrounds. Students from diverse backgrounds also form circles which create synergy for effective learning.
The MSSCF programme aims at training postgraduate students with advanced knowledge and applied skills in economics, psychology, sociology and political science. It also aims at helping students develop the professional and personal competence required to work in the field of global and social policy and to engage in professional practices in social and economic development; this involves gaining critical knowledge and skills in analysing and appreciating local and global policy issues and the ability to formulate and assess policy options that ensure effective, appropriate and sustainable outcomes, and improve social well-being.
Language of instruction
All courses are taught in English and supplemented by Chinese, as cases from Greater China will be occasionally used in demonstrating theoretical analysis in different courses. English is the medium of instruction in both teaching and assessment. Students may be allowed to complete their written assessments in Chinese if extensive case studies of China are included; prior approval from the course instructor must be sought.