Master of Arts in Creative Writing

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The Master of Arts in Creative Writing (MACWF) programme aims at strengthening students' knowledge and skills in cultural and creative industries and providing students the opportunity to develop professional writing skills in different genres and media forms for careers in the creative industries, including film, advertisement, visual art and digital media.
Aims and Objectives
The Master of Arts in Creative Writing (MACWF) is the first master-level programme in creative writing with Chinese as the medium of instruction. The unique course design is to meet the needs of current industries, aiming to equip graduates with a creative mind and professional writing skills in various media forms. Screenplay, drama script, online fiction, animation, food and travel writing, book design, copyrighting and other visual art forms would be covered in the curriculum. Taught by experienced scholars, writers and experts of arts, MACW programme will provide students with a solid foundation and latest practical skills to get a head start in their creative careers.
* This course includes interviews and written exams. Only selected applicants will be notified of the arrangements. Please check your email regularly for updates on your application and interview schedule.