Bachelor of Arts with Honours in New Music and Interactive Entertainment

School of Arts and Social Sciences Programmes & Courses Undergraduate Programmes (full-time) Bachelor of Arts with Honours in New Music and Interactive Entertainment


Programme Title

BA (Hons) in New Music and Interactive Entertainment


Programme Code


BAHNMIEJ1 (For Non-JUPAS Year 1 Entry)

BAHNMIEJS (For Non-JUPAS Senior Year Entry)

Mode of StudyFull Time
Number of Credit-units

120 cru (4 Year Curriculum)

66~93 cru (Senior year Curriculum)


Normal Period of Study

4 years (4 Year Curriculum)

2~3 years (Senior year Curriculum)



This programme aims to provide students with in-depth education and professional training in New Music and Interactive Entertainment, proficiency in using various technologies to integrate, design, and create generative visual and motion arts, and intelligent sound and music. The graduates should be competent interactive entertainment designers and producers with expertise in entertainment experience enhancement through artistic visual and music creation, extended reality technology, and computational intelligence. The graduates should be capable of producing various scales of interactive entertainment artworks, from individual experiences to large-scale live performances. They should also have human-centric problem-solving skills to apply their competencies in various domains.

The programme was granted funding from the “Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund Enhancement and Start-up Grant Scheme” of the Education Bureau to support its development and offering (ref. no.: ESGS/2122/APP-01).

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

(a) Apply mathematics, programming, software tools, theories, and principles in the areas of new music and interactive entertainment artwork creation in a technical and artistic context.

(b) Analyze problems critically and construct solutions based on human-centric design thinking, computational technologies, and visual art and music technologies.

(c) Design and synthesize new music and interactive entertainment artworks professionally, creatively, and artistically by integrating and employing computational technologies.

(d) Operate and evaluate new music and interactive entertainment development projects with efficient project management and appropriate methodology.

(e) Classify, generalize, and apply the techniques and skillsets in integrating visual and music art practices for new music and interactive entertainment.