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Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Our School offers a number of taught postgraduate programmes (TPg) covering various disciplines to meet the needs of further studies for university graduates, as well as career development for working adults.  The design of our TPg programmes aims to provide intensive training on different professions.  Students are allowed to finish the TPg study in one year in full-time mode and two years in part-time mode, spanning over two or three terms a year the soonest.


Our TPg programmes admit students from locally, Mainland and overseas.  Interested students are not necessarily required to hold a Bachelor degree in the same discipline of the intended studying programme.  However, individual programmes may impose programme-specific admission requirements, besides the University's General Entry and English Language Proficiency Requirements, to ensure competence of applicants in completing the programmes.  Applicants will also be invited to attend an admission interviewVisit our TPg programme websites to learn more. 


Academic calendar of TPg programmes starts in Autumn term.  Applications are accepted online in two rounds, with the main round usually starts in November and the clearing round in February.

Non-local students (those who needs a student visa to study in Hong Kong) are advised to plan ahead and apply early to allow sufficient time for the visa application.


Tuition fees of our TPg programmes adopts a fixed rate throughout the normative study period of students.  Visit the University's TPG admission portal for details of the fee rate in the coming academic year..

TPg Programmes

Social Sciences

Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Social Sciences

  • No Specialization
  • Specialization in Applied Economics and Policy Analysis
  • Specialization in Applied Psychology
  • Specialization in Criminology and Social Policy Studies
  • Specialization in Global Governance