Programme Details

School of Arts and Social Sciences Programmes & Courses Taught Postgraduate Programmes Master of Arts in Cultural Leadership Programme Details

This MA Programme will:

  • Emphasise the uniqueness of cultural leadership, consisting of its long-term vision and sustainable planning for the future of the arts sector.
  • Underline the main differences between cultural leadership and cultural management: the first focuses on the bigger picture and the transformational path of the cultural organisation, whereas the latter addresses mainly the transactional dimension of cultural organisations as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of their day-to-day activity.
  • Provide a platform for identifying and fostering leadership skills, which goes beyond theoretical knowledge and includes concrete experience through meetings with inspiring world-renowned cultural leaders, as well as case studies, field visits, and group work.
  • Highlight the power of example and the role of models in cultural leadership by promoting a unique mentorship-oriented curriculum.
  • Contribute to the region's thriving cultural ecosystem.
The graduates could occupy a wide range of positions in arts and culture such as: Art Administrator, Artistic Director, Audience Development Manager, Brand Manager, Community Engagement Manager, Cultural Policy Advisor, Cultural Affairs Manager, Cultural Communication Manager, Cultural Education Manager, Cultural Producer, Cultural Programmes Manager, Cultural Manager, Curator, Event Manager, Executive Director, Festival Manager, Fundraiser for Arts and Culture, Manager of Cultural Projects, Marketing Manager for Arts and Culture, Membership Manager, Public Relations and Fundraising Manager.
Moreover, students will be part of the HKMU International Cultural Leadership Network – a platform that will be established by A&SS in conjunction with the programme – and actively benefit from resources, information, further knowledge about the sector, and constant news regarding partnership opportunities.
The programme will be offered in full-time and part-time face-to-face mode, with normative study periods of one year and two years respectively.
The medium of instruction and assessment of the Master of Arts in Cultural Leadership programme is English.
Upon successful completion of the Programme of Master of Arts in Cultural Leadership, students should be able to:
  • Lead and inspire teams of cultural professionals by enhancing their knowledge and stimulating their creativity;
  • Demonstrate a multifaceted understanding of the role of cultural leadership in the spiritual as well as the economic development of society, and prove its relevance in a globalised world;
  • Master the fundamental theoretical concepts and practical principles of the field, and solve problems specific to creative economy, cultural management, and cultural policy in an original way;
  • Design, articulate and implement creative strategies based on coherent realistic visions for various cultural and artistic sectors, whether public or private;
  • Analyse and evaluate cultural leadership initiatives, through specialised methods and relevant criteria;
  • Demonstrate active leadership through innovative cultural programmes and projects.