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Distance Learning Programmes

Undergraduate/Associate Degree/Higher Diploma/Diploma/Certificate

While the University has transformed into an integrated tertiary institution, its initial mission of providing quality and flexible further education opportunities to working adults has never been forgotten.  The part-time (distance learning) [PT(DL)] undergraduate and sub-degree programmes delivered by School of Arts and Social Sciences offers flexible study plans and clear articulation pathways so that students could finish the programmes at different levels at their own pace.

Admission and Fee

Admission to our PT(DL) programmes is open for all candidates who reach the age of 17. There is no academic entry requirements. If you are going to take any language-related programmes, you are advised to consider your language competence accordingly. More information about admission and application could be found at the University's distance learning admission portal.

Tuition Fee is charged on a course/credit basis.  Students will be required to pay for the course(s) to be registered at a prescribed rate in a particular term.

Programme Structure

Our PT(DL) undergraduate programmes allows students to achieve either an honours degree or an ordinary one, while some disciplines offer study at Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma and/or Certificate levels. Students studying honours and ordinary degrees would be required to complete 160 and 120 credits of courses for graduation respectively.

Unlike full-time programmes, there is no fixed structure for PT(DL) programme, which means you can take whatever course(s) in any term during your study theoretically. However, in consideration of the course content and foundation knowledge for progression in your study, we do offer suggested pathways for honours and ordinary degree programs.

Study Mode

Your study in our PT(DL) programmes could be achieved anywhere, anytime.  You will be provided with a detailed study guide for each course, which will guide you through the teaching materials.

Face-to-face tutorial sessions will be arranged for each course to supplement your self-study.  Most of the courses will also organize Day School/Supplementary Lectures to deliver knowledge that is not fully covered in the provided text.

Your tutor are ready to provide any assistance and advice concerning your study at the face-to-face sessions, as well as through other channels such as phone consultation and email exchange.

PT(DL) Programmes

Humanities, Language and Translation