Research at a Glance

School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Research at a Glance


The School of Arts and Social Sciences strives to focus on applied research with teaching, cultural, social and policy impact.  Faculty members in the respective fields have been conducting research projects and activities in specific discipline, as well as inter-disciplinary areas.   Promising and impactful research projects fall into fields of Creative Arts, Creative Writing, Chinese Culture, Classic and Modern Literature, Digital Humanities, Digital Media, Housing Policy, Population Ageing, Heritage and Tourism, etc. 

Strategic Research Areas


Leveraging the existing expertise and the research foundation laid over the past years, the School has identified two strategic research areas in Digital Humanities and Literature, and Public and Social Policy.  We aim to inject resources in expanding our research capacity in these strategic areas, and in the meantime to support our staff to explore research opportunities in other niche.

Research Activities

Research-informed teaching is our tradition.  We have been arranging seminars for students during which teaching staff and invited guests share research findings in relation to the respective subjects and programmes.  Students are also provided with chances to conduct preliminary research works under our research centres.

Besides, we put a lot of effort in developing collaborative research projects with local NGOs to address pressing social issues.

Stay tune with our research seminars, conferences, forums to be held on the event page.

Research Centres

To synergize the research strength of our colleagues and bring about sustainable research development, the School operates research centres/institute, namely Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities, Public and Social Policy Research Centre, and Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese Culture.  These centres do not only foster research ideas exchange, conduct research projects and generate research outputs, but also organize research activities for students, staff and the general public.