Subsidy Scheme for International Internship (SSII)

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[Application for 2021/22 academic year is now closed.]

A subsidy scheme named “Subsidy Scheme for International Internship (SSII)” has been approved by the management of the University to provide sponsorship to our students who have successfully landed an international internship. Due to the volatile pandemic situation, our office has decided to cease supporting students to do physical offshore internship in the 2021/22 academic year in order to ensure the health and safety of our students. However, to help students obtain some valuable work experiences and enhance their global outlook in this challenging period, some subsidies may be provided to students who join a recognized international virtual internship in the 2021/22 academic year. If you are going to join an international virtual internship, please check if you are eligible to apply for the Scheme.


The establishment of the Scheme:

  • encourage students to gain exposures from internship globally which will enhance their competitiveness and employability;
  • enable students to immerse in different culture and environment to enhance their global outlook;
  • provide valuable experiential learning opportunities to students to articulate their studies to the real working world; and
  • hone students’ communication skills and soft skills related to workplace.

Value of Subsidy

  • HK$2,000 – HK$10,000 each. The subsidy level is dependent on the internship structure and duration, programme fee and availability of remuneration/sponsorship of the internship opportunities. The subsidy will be given to eligible students as part of financial support but it does not intend to cover all student internship costs. The Scheme authority, i.e. SAO, has full discretions in determining the subsidy level of each application and rejecting the application.


The applicant should:

  • be a full-time undergraduate student of HKMU;
  • be offered a virtual global internship (hosting company should be outside Hong Kong) organized/ recognized by SAO in the 2021/22 academic year;
  • obtain an average GPA not lower than 2.0;
  • not be suspended, on disciplinary hearing, or on academic probation; and
  • be awarded this Scheme once throughout his/her studies in HKMU for any subsidy application for physical/virtual offshore global internship.

Important Note

  • Due to the worsening COVID-19 situation in 2022, no physical offshore internship programme will be subsidized by SAO in the 2021/22 academic year in order to ensure the health and safety of students;
  • For shortlisted students of HKMU Virtual Internship Programme – Summer 2022 (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and Japan) organized by SAO, the whole programme fees will be subsidized by the Scheme direct so that you are NOT required to submit an individual application for the Scheme;
  • The duration of virtual global internship would not be less than 4 weeks normally;
  • Priority will be given to students who have placed in the work opportunities relevant to their study programmes and/or career goals;
  • Priority will be given to internship programmes which organized/ recognized by SAO, and self-solicited work opportunities will be required to seek approval from SAO in advance;
  • To ensure the prudent use of university fund, for internships in Mainland China, priority will be given to programmes which are not sponsored by the Youth Development Commission (青年發展委員會) under the Funding Scheme for Youth Internship in the Mainland;
  • The internships are not stipulated by study programme requirement (e.g. credit-bearing internship, practicum, placement);
  • Awardees of this Scheme may also apply for other subsidies from funding sources outside HKMU in the same year; and
  • The Scheme Panel has full discretion in determining the subsidy level of each application and rejecting applications. Students should not presume that your application must be successful before receiving the official approval from SAO.


Obligation of the Awardees

  • Each awardee must complete the internship with satisfactory performance and provide a proof of completion of the internship (e.g. job reference letter from employer/ host organization with company letter head). You are required to provide the contact information of your employer/ host organization and they will be invited to complete a post-internship evaluation;
  • Each awardee must also submit the following documents to SAO by 30 September 2022:
    • a reflective journal (no less than 500 words either in Chinese or English);
    • at least 3 photos/ screen captures relevant to the internship experience and show your direct communication with the employer clearly, e.g. Zoom meeting picture for virtual internship. Your portrait must be seen in the provided documents; and
    • complete the student post-internship evaluation (normally sent by email in early-Sep 2022).
  • If you have completed the above tasks and the documents have been verified by SAO, the subsidy will normally be given to the awardee by end-Dec 2022. Please also note that your internship stories and submitted documents may be published electronically or otherwise.

Scheme Calendar

12 May to 12 Jun 2022Scheme application period
13 to 31 Jun 2022Scheme selection
Jul 2022Results announcement
Early-Sep 2022Complete the post-internship evaluation
By 30 Sep 2022Deadline of required documents submission
By end-Dec 2022Payment to verified awardees
On-goingInternship experience sharing sessions and marketing events


Application Method

Please submit the following documents on or before 12 Jun 2022 via this link.

Applications that are incomplete, late or have not been accompanied with the required document(s) will not be processed further.

The results will be announced in July 2022. Students who do not receive any news from our office by early-August 2022 may assume that your application is not successful.


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