Internship Lab 2.0 (On-campus opportunities)

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About Internship Lab 2.0
Internship Lab (the “Scheme”) has been refined in 2022/23 academic year and renamed as Internship Lab 2.0. Turning over a new page, the Scheme is rebranded to an Experiential Learning Scheme focusing on offering subsidized short-term/ one-off on-campus engagement opportunities arranged by Schools/ Offices to students. The Scheme primary goal is to achieve a win-win scenario that can offer invaluable experiential learning opportunities to students and find some helping hands to relieve the administrative burden of Schools/Offices in diversified activities. Stipulated by the Scheme, please note only current full-time undergraduate and sub-degree students are eligible. If students would like to enrich their campus life by helping in diversified University activities and obtain subsidies from the University as an encouragement, the Internship Lab 2.0 will be the most suitable platform.
About Internship Lab Management Platform (ILMP)
Under the new structure, the Scheme will NOT be a formal employment while representatives of Schools/ Offices will be allowed a greater flexibility in recruiting student helpers for short-term/ one-off on-campus activities according to their needs to help enrich students' campus life. A newly designed student helper recruitment platform – Internship Lab Management Platform (ILMP) has been developed in order to streamline the whole administrative process.
For Students
Be HKMU's current full-time undergraduate and sub-degree students
Scope of engagement
Mostly cover one-off/short-term on-campus engagements, e.g., event/activity helpers, data input assistants, survey helpers, short-term research helpers, casual works
Engagement opportunity
You can explore the engagement opportunity on the ILMP's Engagement Board on your MyHKMU platform. Please note the engagement opportunity will be updated from time to time. Please visit to the page frequently!
Login to your MyHKMU account -> Current Programme -> Financial Assistance / Scholarships -> Internship Lab Management Platform (ILMP) -> Engagement Board
Students who have successfully completed the assigned engagements will be required to submit their engagement timesheet on the platform for approval. Once it has been approved, students will be provided a subsidy as an encouragement. The subsidy level is HK$75 per hour, subject to annual review.
Student Guide
For details of ILMP, please access to the Student Guide [LINK] (Student Authentication Required)
For Users (Hiring Schools/Offices)
The Scheme mostly covers one-off/short-term engagements, e.g., event/activity helpers, data input assistants, survey helpers, short-term research helpers, casual works. The maximum engagement period to each recruited student will be 50 calendar days and no more than 17 working hours per week during academic terms, to avoid student's academic progress from being adversely affected.
Please access to the User Guide [LINK] for details (Staff Authentication Required)

With the enhancement of Internship Lab, SAO will focus resources on short-term/ one-off engagement opportunity to enhance students' exposure and cease to handle centralized recruitment of Student Trainee during term period. For long-term part-time Student Trainee recruitment & formal employment of Student Trainee who are required students to work more than 50 calendar days and/or 17 working hours per week during term period, please follow the guidelines on recruitment of student trainee stipulated by HRO and consult with your respective HR Officer. Having said that, SAO will still offer supports to the recruitment of full-time student summer interns under the HKMU Summer Internship Program from June to August.

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