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HKMU Career Fair 2024

This year marks a significant milestone for HKMU as we are celebrating our 35th anniversary! Over the past three and a half decades, we have grown exponentially and now boast a student population of over 20,000. These students are spread across our extensive range of more than 140 professional programmes, each carefully designed to meet the specific needs of various industries.

Our commitment to providing quality education and fostering industry-ready professionals has been unwavering. We are proud of our students who are not only academically proficient but also equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their respective fields.

As part of our anniversary celebrations and in line with our commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry, we are planning to host the “HKMU Career Fair 2024 – Me&U: Together, We Empower Your Career”, which is scheduled to take place physically on our campus from 19 to 21 March 2024 (Tuesday to Thursday).

  • 19 March (Tuesday): Business & Professional Services
  • 20 March (Wednesday): Engineering & Technology
  • 21 March (Thursday): Social Impact, Government & Professional Services

We are excited about the “HKMU Career Fair 2024” and are looking forward to a successful event that will contribute to the career growth of our students and the talent acquisition efforts of the participating organizations.

Highlights of the Career Fair 2024

  • Connect with 130+ Organizations from 26 Industry Categories
  • Discover 5,000+ Job Vacancies & Internships
  • Free Professional Portrait Taking
  • Free CV Clinic
  • Walk-in Interviews
  • In-House Career Talks & Workshops
  • Get Attractive Event Souvenirs
  • Join Career Enrichment Activities for iPhone 15 Lucky Draw Chances!
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Participating Organisations
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Job vacancies & internships from Hong Kong, Mainland China & Overseas
Industry Categories

Throwback of the Career Fair 2024

Participating Organisations

Career Enrichment Talks & Lucky Draw

職場必勝5**“系列工作坊/講座15 Mar 2024 (Friday)19 Mar 2024 (Tuesday)20 Mar 2024 (Wednesday)21 Mar 2024 (Thursday)

主題 Theme:


Get prepare for Career Fair!

焦點行業 Focus Sector:


Business & Professional Services

焦點行業 Focus Sector:


Engineering & Technology

焦點行業 Focus Sector:


Social Impact, Government & Professional Services

12pm – 2pm 

【職場心理學踏上自信的求職之旅】工作坊Registration 報名

職場新鮮人可能都想知可以點求職。今次特別邀請到組織心理學家 Mr. Erwin Chan – Expivotal 教你分析招聘廣告内容,並了解你自身的工作價值觀,幫助你成功搵工。


[Embark on a Confident Job Search Journey] Workshop

Newcomers in the workplace may want to know how to apply for a job. This time, we have specially invited organizational psychologist Mr. Erwin Chan – Expivotal to teach you how to analyze the content of job advertisements and understand your own work values ​​to help you successfully find a job.


[Click Here to View Profile of Mr. Erwin Chan – Expivotal]

2pm – 3pm

【招聘博覽攻略】工作坊 Registration 報名



[Success to Career Fair] Workshop

Campus recruitment is a connecting point for college students from campus to society. Participating in campus recruitment is one of the most effective ways to find a job. University students usually lack social experience and work experience. What questions should they ask employers at job fairs? It’s just a futile effort for students to go there rashly. Let's attend this workshop to understand the key points of participating in a job fair!

3pm – 4pm

【面試精讀班】工作坊Registration 報名

工作坊邀請星級企業軍師Ms. Virginia Choi JP 指導求職者面試須知,由形象儀容、穿搭要點、如何準備面試以至面試對答,深入淺出提醒你大學生應該具備的求職技巧,讓你在求職市場突圍而出!


[Acing Job Interviews] Workshop

The workshop invites corporate strategist Ms. Virginia Choi JP to guide job seekers on job interview matters, including appearance and attire, how to prepare for interviews and the answers. She will remind you the bolds and nuts the job search skills that college students should have, so that you can stand out in the job market!


[Click Here to View Profile of Ms. Virginia Choi JP]

【積金初體驗】工作坊 Registration 報名

我們的職業生涯從畢業離校起,一般長達數十年。 本工作坊透過簡介强積金制度,助你了解甚麽人應該參加強積金,掌握基本的基金投資概念,以維護自身的強積金權益。


[Embarking on My MPF Journey] Workshop

Our careers generally last for decades, starting from the time we graduate and leave school. By introducing the MPF system, this workshop will help you understand who should participate in the MPF and master the basic fund investment concepts to protect your own MPF ​​rights.

【勞工處就業服務】講座Registration 報名



[Employment Services for University Students and Graduates]

This seminar will introduce the “Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme”, “Working Holiday Scheme” and “Aim-Higher Scheme “, allowing young job seekers to understand the employment opportunities in Hong Kong, mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, and even overseas.

4pm – 5pm   4:30pm: 職場必勝5** 頭獎抽獎,贏取iPhone 15(256GB) 及其他豐富獎品

Win an iPhone 15 (256GB) and attractive prizes by attending career activities

God helps those who help themselves. To get a higher chance in hitting the Jackpot to win an iPhone 15 (256GB) and other attractive prizes, join more career enrichment workshops to maximize your chance in the lucky draw! Let’s adopt a positive attitude to accumulate the knowledge and skills needed for our professional careers, and respond to the ever-changing workplace!
  • Lottery tickets will be distributed after the career enrichment workshops. Each student can receive up to five lottery tickets if they attend all five workshops. Eligible students should fill in the valid student ID clearly onto the lottery ticket.
  • The more career enrichment workshop participated in, the higher chance to win the prizes
  • Prizes:
    • Jackpot: iPhone 15 (256GB) (Three winners)
    • Second Prize: HK$500 G2000 Cash Coupon (Twenty winners)
    • Third Prize: HK$50 Pacific Coffee Cash Coupon (Ten winners)
  • Eligibility: The Lucky Draw is exclusive to HKMU Full Time students (Undergraduate & Higher Diploma in Nursing Studies)

完成任務,儲夠5顆星,準備贏走iPhone 15 (256GB)!

越努力,越幸運。想要贏取iPhone 15 (256GB) 及其他豐富獎項,和獲得一份理想的工作一樣,需要你的自身努力結合運氣。讓都大同學一起用積極態度,為自己的職業生涯累積所需知識和技能,回應萬變的職場!
  • 獲獎方法:每參加下列一項“職場必勝5**”系列工作坊/講座,將會獲得一張“星星抽獎券”,每位學生最多可以獲得五張抽獎券。抽獎券會在工作坊/講座後發放,抽獎券上需清楚填寫有效的學生編號
  • 參加工作坊/講座越多,中獎機會越大
  • 獎品:
    • 頭獎:iPhone 15 (256GB) (3個名額)
    • 二獎:HK$500 G2000現金券 (20個名額)
    • 三獎:HK$50 Pacific Coffee咖啡券( 10個名額)
  • 參加資格:
    • 香港都會大學全日制學生(包括:本科生及護理學高級文憑學生)

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