Non-local students – Notes to Work in HK (NOL / IANG)

Student Affairs Office Career and Internships Career Resources Corner Non-local students – Notes to Work in HK (NOL / IANG)

1) Non-local students who want to work part time / summer job during their study period in Hong Kong.

When you apply for the “Student Visa/Entry Permit” with the Immigration Department, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the Immigration Department), the Immigration Department should have issued you a “Letter of Application for Student Visa/Entry Permit” to approve your application.  In this letter, it clearly states the “no objection” to take up part-time on-campus employment and off-campus summer job in the specified valid permission period.  Please read carefully this letter for details (a Sample Letter is attached below).  You should also click this LINK (under the topic of Employment during the Study Programme) to review the details provided by the Immigration Department. 

Sample of the Letter of Application for Student Visa/Entry Permit (this is a sample letter for reference only, please refer to your letter issued by the Immigration Department for the exact details.)

2) I am going to graduate from the HKMU and wish to stay in Hong Kong for employment.

Your student visa specifies the period you can stay in Hong Kong for completing your study programme as approved by the Immigration Department.  If you want to extend your stay for your graduate employment in Hong Kong, you have to apply for the “Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates” (IANG).  For details, please visit the Immigration Department webpage at