Guest Speaker Series: The Serenade of Achievements

Student Affairs Office Career and Internships Career Education Programme Student Ambassador Guest Speaker Series: The Serenade of Achievements
Introduced in Spring 2024, “Guest Speaker Series: The Serenade of Achievements” is an innovative initiative led by a group of dedicated HKMU Student Ambassadors. This series is designed to bring distinguished leaders from various industries into the HKMU community, providing opportunities for students and teachers to gain insights from the first-hand experiences of our esteemed guest speakers.
Coordinated by the Student Ambassadors, this series not only highlights the outstanding achievements of our guest speakers, but also cultivates a culture of continuous growth and encourages intellectual exchange among students.

Event Highlights

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Session One – Networking Soirée – Soaring High: the Life and Career of Pilots

Session Two – Chinese Culture and Dining Etiquette

Session Three – Tram-Tastic: A Journey of Discovery Ding Ding


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