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Experiential learning opportunities in diverse forms are organized to help students gain practical work experiences and enhance their employability, including local and overseas internships as well as industry projects.

Local and overseas internships are organized both physically and virtually for students to boost their employability and broaden their horizons.

Local internships

  • Internship Lab 2.0: It offers subsidized short-term on-campus work opportunities for students to work under Schools / Offices.
  • HKMU Student Job Board: Latest internship opportunities provided by employers are updated regularly.

Overseas internships

  • Global Internship Scheme: Subsidies are provided to students who have successfully completed the SAO recognized global internship programmes. 

Various short-term project-based work opportunities with partner employers are designed for students to gain hands-on working experience and in-depth understanding of the host organization. More importantly, students would have a taste of career development in different industries. 

Some successful examples include 

  • Project-based Industrial Investigation Programme (PIIP) – Solution Hub, Co-Creation of HKCSS – 2024 Spring
  • Project-based Industrial Investigation Programme (PIIP) – Information Technology Resource Centre of HKCSS – 2023 Winter
  • Project-based Industrial Investigation Programme (PIIP) – Ming Pao Education Publications Limited – 2023 Winter
  • HKSTP x HKMU Start-up Project Launcher Programme – 2023 Summer
  • HKSTP x HKMU Start-up Project Launcher Programme – 2023 Spring


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