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The Student Affairs Office (SAO) of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) and the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (HKYIC) have cooperated for many years in the field of student development. In addition to co-organizing the “YIC x OUHK Internship Programme in Newly Industrialized Country – Vietnam” since 2017, we also jointly organized different industry sharings and local internship projects, which to provide students with diversified development opportunities and allow them to have a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's industrial development.
To this end, SAO proudly launches the “Date a CEO; Be a CEO” Mentorship Programme, on the one hand, to strengthen the cooperation with HKYIC, and at the same time, to encourage our students to learn from the leaders of the local industry in a more lively and diversified way. Students can understand different kinds of management knowledge and be cultivated to become future management talents with a macro vision.
  • Inspire students in identifying their career path;
  • Encourage professionalism in business management among students through job shadowing with mentors;
  • Cultivate students’ various soft skills such as communication skills, organizational skills and leadership skills;
  • Promote industrial development and various opportunities; and
  • Cultivate students with management sense in a macro perspective
  • Equip students with leadership and team spirit;
  • Enhance students’ communication skills;
  • Deepen students’  understanding in organizational skills; and
  • Train students to master general business management concepts by discussing and practicing work projects with mentors, including: the functions of the company structure, different business project models, market-oriented problem solving and product/service conception from the perspective of design thinking, etc.

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