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The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has established the STEM Internship Scheme (the “Scheme”) to encourage STEM students to gain innovation and technology (“I&T”)-related work experience during their studies and to foster their interest in pursuing a career in I&T after graduation, so as to enlarge the local I&T talent pool.

Internship Period in Summer 2024

Batch 1:

3 June 2024 – 31 July 2024

Batch 2:

2 July 2024 – 29 August 2024

  • The duration of internships less than 28 calendar days after deduction of all unpaid leave days (if any) shall NOT be reimbursed no matter who initiates the early termination.

  • The start and end days of internship should be working days. If the start and end days fall on Saturday, General Holiday or Statutory Holiday, they will be regarded as unpaid leave.

For Students

  • Local and Non-local full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled at HKMU in any STEM-related academic programmes recommended by HKMU as approved by ITC on this list [LINK].

  • Final-year students are eligible so long as the internship commences before the expiry date of student status and subject to the requirements stipulated in the Guidelines.

  • Legally employable in Hong Kong.

  • Students cannot concurrently receive other internship subsides provided by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

  • Non-local students from eligible STEM programmes undertaking I&T internship in Hong Kong only are eligible for the scheme, capped at a quota of 40% of all HKMU participants by this Scheme per financial year (i.e.: 1 April to 31 March of the following year). “No Objection Letter” (NOL) via the Immigration Department is required. More details about NOL, please refer to [HERE]. Applications will be put on hold once quotas are filled and subject to SAO's approval.

  • The allowance for each student intern during the internship is HK$11,190 per month (i.e., 30 days) or HK$373 per day, with a cap of no more than 59 consecutive days in the summer of 2024.

  • The allowance will be disbursed to student interns via HKMU directly.

  • Students may expect to receive the allowance around three months after the post-internship submission.

  • Students' application period is from 2 April to 30 June 2024. Late application will not be considered.

  • Students should apply the STEM internship via HKMU Student Job Board [LINK]

For details of the scheme, please access to the guidelines for students [LINK] (Student Authentication Required)

For Employers

All companies/organizations are welcomed to participate in the Scheme to offer I&T-related internships. Participating employers should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Employers have to hold a valid Business Registration Certificate (“BRC”), Certificate of Registration of a School, or other recognized registered certificate/license at the time of internship provision.

  • Employers must undertake all legal responsibilities as an employer.

  • The companies/organizations should not receive other subsidies from the Hong Kong SAR Government for engaging any student interns under the Scheme.

  • Employers should meet any additional requirements of the student intern as set by HKMU.

  • Employers' application period is from 15 March to 12 May 2024. Late application will not be considered.

  • Employers should apply and register an account via HKMU Student Job Board [LINK]. For HKMU Student Job Board user guide, please refer to [HERE].

Please access to the Guidelines for employers [LINK] for details.

List of Eligible STEM Programmes (as of March 2024)


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