Dream Fighter Sharing 愛拼‧敢夢分享系列

Student Affairs Office Career and Internships Career Education Programme Dream Fighter Sharing 愛拼‧敢夢分享系列

Dream Fighter Sharing 愛拼‧敢夢分享系列

Over the past few years, the volatile pandemic situation has brought adverse impact to our students. Student Affairs Office (SAO) keeps inviting some experienced people and celebrities from diverse backgrounds to share their career path and life experience to our students so as to inspire them to explore multiple career options, and encourage them to embrace challenge as opportunities. We hope students can stick to their dream and don't be afraid of failure.

過去數年,受着疫情影響,各位同學都度過非常不容易的時間。學生事務處一直邀請來自不同界別人士,透過他們的事業發展經歷,人生起跌成敗故事,從而讓學生了解不同事業發展路向、不同可能性 / 挑戰 / 機遇等等,最終只要忠於自己夢想,勇敢面對各樣挑戰難關,努力拼博,不害怕失敗。最終必定可以走出一條屬於自己的事業路,屬於自己的成功。

ToNick 主音 趙善恆(Hangjai)

2007年世界場地單車錦標賽15公里捕捉賽冠軍 黃金寶