HKMU Emergency Assistance Loan

Student Affairs Office Financial Assistance HKMU Emergency Assistance Loan

The HKMU Emergency Assistance Loan provides means-tested loans for students to continue their studies at the University and it is interest-free. It is supported by Mr. George H C Hung and Rotary Club of Kowloon East.

Application Period:
All year round

  1. Applicants are having financial difficulties caused by unforeseen circumstances within 6 months prior to the application;
  2. Applicants must be HKMU students taking the part-time programmes and have completed at least one course that may lead to the award of Bachelor's Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees with Honours and/ or Postgraduate Degrees;
  3. Applicants must have registered a course in the current term;
  4. Applicants have not obtained any other assistance for the same course (including the assistance schemes provided by HKMU or the public funds); and
  5. Applicants must have the right of abode in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("Hong Kong")(an alphabet “A” should be shown on the front side of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card) or have resided or have had their homes in Hong Kong continuously for three complete years prior to the commencement of the programme/course. This does not cover students studying in Hong Kong holding student visas.

  1. The maximum amount of Emergency Assistance Loan is the amount of tuition fees paid for the course(s) registered but not yet completed at the time of application.
  2. Eligible applicants are not guaranteed to be offered loan.
  3. Assessment will be made and considered by the HKMU Student Financial Awards Committee. The amount is determined by the applicant's financial circumstance, the funds available and requirements of donor(s).
  4. The Emergency Assistance Loan should be repaid within 18 months by monthly or quarterly instalment, and the first instalment of loan repayment will normally fall due six months after applicants accept the loan.

  1. Applicants should submit the completed application form which can be obtainable from the Student Affairs Office.
  2. The application result will be announced in writing.