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The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) subsidizes adults with learning aspirations to pursue continuing education and training courses. Effective from 01 April 2019, the enhancement measures under the CEF are implemented, please visit the government CEF website for the differences of the requirements and arrangements before and after the introduction of enhancement measures.

NOTICE: To comply with the requirements of the HKSAR Government’s OCEF, the University will not offer any tuition fee discounts or reduction to students applying for “CEF reimbursable courses”.

  1. Applicant must be Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction, i.e. “A” (right of abode), “R” (right to land) or “U” (remain in Hong Kong without restriction) should appear below the date of birth on the HK Smart Identity Card, or holders of one-way permit from Mainland China. For details of the meaning of the symbols, please visit the website of the Immigration Department;
  2. Applicant must be aged between 18 and 70 (i.e. before reaching the age of 71) both at the time when the CEF reimbursable course under application commences and at the time when an application for fee reimbursement is submitted, which should be within one year upon the successful completion of the CEF reimbursable course. Late applications will not be accepted;
  3. Applicants have enrolled in and paid the tuition fee for the CEF reimbursable course; and
  4. Applicants have not obtained any other public funds or assistance under any other publicly-funded financial assistance schemes [e.g. HKMU Loan, etc.] for the same course. 

To be eligible for consideration for fee reimbursement, the applicant must have completed the CEF reimbursable course in compliance with the CEF regulations, having passed it at the threshold prescribed by the Office of Continuing Education Fund which may not be the same as the University's pass threshold set for the course.

  1. Effective from 01 April 2019, the enhancement measures of the CEF have applied to all applicants who have new, currently valid and closed accounts.
  2. Applicants are advised to check the status and balance of their CEF accounts before enrolling in a CEF reimbursement course. A "subsidy calculator" is available on the CEF website to estimate the eligible subsidy.
  3. The opening balance for new applicants (who have never opened a CEF account) applying for reimbursement for CEF courses which commence on or after 01 April 2019 is HK$20,000.
  4. The application for fee reimbursement for course(s) which commenced on or after 01 April 2019 must be submitted within one year upon the successful completion of the courses and before reaching the age of 71. Late application will not be accepted.
  5. Each applicant may submit an unlimited number of reimbursement applications for CEF reimbursable course commenced on or after 01 April 2019 before reaching the age of 71. Each claim may include one or more than one CEF reimbursable course. Each eligible applicant is entitled to a maximum sum of HK$20,000 subsidy in respect of all CEF reimbursement courses pursued.
  6. Please call 3120-9988 for CEF reimbursable course(s) provided by the LiPACE.

For applicants who have opened CEF accounts before 01 April 2019

  1. Applicants who have opened a CEF account before 01 April 2019 are also eligible for claiming the additional HK$10,000 subsidy and the unused balance (if any) of the original subsidy of HK$10,000 regardless of whether their accounts were closed in the past. The co-payment ratios by learners (i.e. the percentage of fees to be borne by learners) for the first HK$10,000 subsidy is 20% of the course fee and that for the second HK$10,000 subsidy is 40% of the course fee.
  2. A “subsidy calculator” is available on the CEF website to facilitate applicants to estimate the eligible subsidy.
  3. The application for reimbursement of fees for course(s) which commenced before 01 April 2019 must be submitted within the validity period* of the CEF learner and before reaching the age 66.

    *If students have taken the course assessment or examination within the validity period but the examination result can only be released after the deadline of validity period, students may approach SAO to apply for a copy of the "Certification of Course Examination Status". Applicants should submit to OCEF the completed application form together with copies of supporting documents before the deadline. Please contact SAO staff for enquiries.
  4. For CEF reimbursement courses that commenced before 01 April 2019, reimbursement claims will be processed in accordance with the requirements in force before 01 April 2019 (including the subsidy ceiling of HK$10,000, requirement on the maximum number of 4 claims, etc.).

(For Part-time students) Please check the HKMU Distance Learning Courses and/or Taught Postgraduate Coursese. A list of the reimbursable courses can also be obtained from the government CEF website. Applicants please check whether or not they should study the “mother course” to fulfill the specified requirement of a CEF reimbursable course.

  1. Please refer to "Guidance Notes for Application [SFO 312_E (2020)]" when filling in the application form.
  2. Application form [SFO 313 (2020)] can be obtained from the Student Affairs Office (SAO) of HKMU, Office of Continuing Education Fund (OCEF), District Offices or downloaded from the CEF website. Applicants may also fill in the application form online in the website of GovHK and print the completed form.
  3. Attention: When filling in Part B, please write "007" as the CEF Institution Code for HKMU.
  4. Applicants should submit the application form to SAO* for certification first (either by post or in person). SAO will return the certified application with HKMU’s stamp and a "Proof of Successful Completion of Course" to eligible applicants within 2 weeks (by post) from the date of receipt of the application.
  5. Applicants should submit to OCEF* the completed application form with HKMU certification together with copies of supporting documents (including the above mentioned "Proof of Successful Completion of Course"). Applicants may also place their applications in the drop-in box on 12/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices or outside the OCEF.

*SAO Address: Room C0512, Kwok Tak Seng Building, HKMU, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
*OCEF Address: Units 07-11, 25/F., CDW Building,388 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

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