Date a CEO; Be a CEO (Event Highlights)

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Event Hightlights

Activity 1 – Board game with CEO (21 Oct 2021)

CEO Mentors: Mr. Geoffrey Kao & Mr. Wayne Yu
An exciting board game event was hosted as the kick start point of the programme. Mr. Geoffrey Kao, the Managing Director of Wah Ming Hong Limited, and Mr. Wayne Yu, Executive Director, Town Ray Holdings Limited, were invited to be the hosts of the board game event. Geoffrey and Wayne shared with students their career stories in running their own business. Students were encouraged by their sharing.

Activity 2 – Mini Neon Light Workshop (23 Oct 2021)

CEO Mentor: Ms. Gigi Wong
Students had fun during the handicraft session with Ms. Gigi Wong, the COO of King’s Flair International (Holdings) Limited. Gigi and the students expressed individual’s creativity through the art works. Gigi has shared her view on marketing and product design during the workshop, students has gained real-life business knowledge from Gigi’s sharing. It was a meaningful and fruitful activity for students!

Activity 3 – Gin Appreciation Workshop & Gathering (28 Oct 2021)

CEO Mentors: Mr. Alan Cheung, MH & Dr. Bobby Liu
Mr. Alan Cheung, MH, the Chairman cum Managing Director of Grandion Industrial Limited and Dr. Bobby Liu, CEO of Milton Group were being invited to be the hosts of the Gin appreciation workshop and gathering event. With a shot of hand-made Gin & Tonic in an energetic atmosphere, Alan and Bobby shared their adventurous stories in business management. They encouraged the participating students to explore as much as they can in university life and never give up when facing challenges.

Activity 4 – Cooking Class with CEO (29 Dec 2021)

CEO Mentor: Mr Kenny Kong (Mr. Kool)
As a cooking lover, Mr. Kool, the co-founder of KOOL Limited, has shared his exclusive recipe and cooking techniques with students. It was a lively gathering as all students were entertained by Mr. Kool’s Cantonese rhyme. During the event, Mr. Kool shared his insights and experience in being an entrepreneur. He encouraged the students to find the truth of life through reading, as well as to cultivate self-motivation and perseverance through sports, and don’t be afraid of failures.

Kick-off Ceremony (28 Jan 2022)


The Kick-off Ceremony has been held successfully on 28 Jan 2022 (Fri) in hybrid mode.
Mr. Paul Tai, the President of HKYIC, and also Prof. Ricky Kwok, the Vice President (Students and Support) of HKMU, had both expressed their appreciation and expectation to the fellow mentees. The 5 CEO mentors had also shared their views on stage one activities with students, while our student representative had summarized the experiences learnt in the activities. There are 18 HKMU students who had passed the interview. Heading forward, they are going to have job shadowing with the mentors in coming months.

Closing Ceremony (28 May 2022)


The Closing Ceremony has been held successfully on 28 May 2022 (Sat) in hybrid mode, which drew a perfect ending for the “Date a CEO; Be a CEO” Programme for the first year.
Since the launch of the Programme, all participating students, HKYIC mentors and guests had rarely gathered together physically. Mr. Paul Tai, the President of HKYIC, and also Prof. Ricky Kwok, the Vice President (Students and Support) of HKMU, had both encouraged students to learn about the strong adaptability, optimism and positivity from CEOs. Students have summarized their learning results over the past few months, such as the experience in designing products, analyzing market competition, and conducting financial reports and analysis. Students have the flexibility to work on projects according to requirements from company as well as their own preferences, so as to get inter-disciplinary internship experience. All the mentors recognized students’ outstanding efforts, and hoped the students would remember the life experiences shared by them. The mentors encouraged students to learn from each attempt, aim at improving their communication skills and presentation skills. At the end, students were awarded Certificate of Participation by their mentors and guests.

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