Service-Learning Projects Initiated by HKMU Students

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Service-Learning Projects Initiated by HKMU Students

[Programme Background]

This programme aims to encourage HKMU students to turn their service ideas into concrete actions and create positive changes in the community. After the completion of the training and development stage, participating teams have launched a series of innovative service projects covering various important areas, including mental health awareness, environmental conservation, elderly care, and clothing recycling upgrades. These projects seek to address relevant social issues and provide tangible support and improvements to the community.
We welcome HKMU members to actively participate in the service-learning projects initiated by HKMU students, you can sign up for the workshops or as a volunteer to contribute. The service hours for all activities below will be accumulated and recorded in “HKMU Service Alliance”, a certificate will be issued for those who had completed 20 hours / 50 hours of volunteer work! We strongly encourage your participation to participate in these programmes to bring positive change to our community!

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This year, our student teams focus on:

[Service-Learning Projects Initiated by HKMU Students]


For enquiries, please contact Ms. Maggie Lai of SAO ( / 2768 6753).