"Portraits of the Elderly: Journey of Life Exhibition"

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement Service-Learning "Portraits of the Elderly: Journey of Life Exhibition"


“Portraits of the Elderly: Journey of Life Exhibition”

About the Exhibition:

From 24th to 27th October 2023, Student Affairs Office (SAO) organized the “Portraits of the Elderly: Journey of Life Exhibition” to shed light on the unique stories, wisdom, and resilience of the elderly. Nearly 400 HKMU members actively participated in the exhibition and took part in interactive activities such as the “Before I Die” Message Wall, the Life in Five Senses Board Game, and writing Love Mail postcards.

This exhibition aims to illuminate the unique stories, wisdom, and resilience of the elderly, providing visitors with an opportunity to reflect on different stages of life and contemplate the value and importance of life itself.

Exhibition Highlights:
  • Portraits of the Elderly: The photography artworks featured in this exhibition offer a unique perspective on the lives and experiences of older individuals in Hong Kong. All the photography artworks were taken by student leaders who participated in the Life Ambassador Programme 2022/2023, a service-learning programme that provided a platform for students to develop empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the experiences of the elderly while showcasing their talents and commitment to social responsibility.

    • Elderly’s Portrait: Click Here 

  • Elderly’s Memory Book: The Elderly's Memory Book presents personal narratives, memories, and reflections shared by the elderly. It offers a deeper insight into their life journeys, allowing visitors to connect with their experiences on a more personal level.

  • “Before I Die, I want to…” Message Wall: “Before I Die, I want to…”. This concept is part of a global community art project that encourages individuals to contemplate their own mortality and reflect upon the things that hold the greatest meaning in their lives. The campaign has gained remarkable popularity worldwide, with more than 5,000 walls established across the globe and it was the first time Hong Kong hosts this impactful community artwork. This message wall effectively served as a platform for HKMU members engage in self-reflection, offering a dedicated space for contemplating their goals and dreams.

    • “Before I Die wall” : Click Here

  • Love Mail:Love Mail” activity provided a heartfelt opportunity for participants to express their love, gratitude, or reflections to someone they hold dear and create a lasting memory. This activity received a total of 70 heartful letters, showcasing a diverse range of content. This included expressions of love towards family members and sharing about university life with loved ones who are far away.  .

    • Love Mail : Click Here

  • Life in Five Senses Board Game: This is an immersive and interactive game that explores various aspects of life through the exploration of the five senses. Under the guidance of Life Education Ambassadors, visitors engaged in facilitated discussions and shared their reflections on various topics, including life and death, future planning, and contemplating the essence of what truly matters.

    • Life in Five Senses Board Game : Click Here