Service-Learning Challenge: Make a Difference in your Community!

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Service-Learning Challenge: Make a Difference in your Community!

[Programme Background]

Student Affairs Office (SAO) is now calling for all UG students who wish to develop and execute an original service project in respond to a specific need in the community, whilst support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All participants will be required to deliver a final presentation on the impact of their work and what they have learned in March 2024, judges will select outstanding student teams to join a subsidized service-learning tour to Africa in 2024 summer!
1. All UG students are welcome to join the individual track or form a team of 2-6 to execute a service-learning project in 2 months. All projects should be concluded by 25 Feb, 2024.
2. Each student team shall identify a social need, plan and execute a service project that will address the need. SAO will provide a maximum HK$ 6000 as project subsidy for each team.
3. Each team will be presenting the actions they have taken and solutions they have developed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

[Intended Learning Outcomes]

• Attend free trainings and experiential learning activities to explore communities, needs and different social issues, develop skills and knowledge to create positive changes
• Turn service ideas into action based on authentic community needs
• Enhance leadership skills and influence other HKMU members to make a difference in the community

[Past Event Highlights]

Through a variety of training and experiential learning activities, 43 participants gained a deeper understanding of societal needs, developed their mindset, leadership qualities which empower them to lead and inspire changes.
They started the programme with the Personality Dimension® Assessment Workshop to understand their personality traits and how they can effectively collaborate within their project teammates. Then, they acquired practical skills in proposal writing during the briefing session. In additions, students visited the African Center and participated in the Social Innovation & Global Citizenship Programme, where they experienced African culture and learned about the challenges faced by Africans in Hong Kong, and further reflect on their role as global citizens.
In the next stage, participates will create changmaking solutions and turn their ideas into actions based on authentic community needs. Stay tuned for their innovative service-learning plans!

[Service-Learning Projects Initiated by HKMU Students]

The first programme combing service-learning with social practice competition——Service-Learning Challenge: Make a Difference in Your Community! has entered the second stage! 11 Participating teams have launched a series of innovative service projects covering various important areas, including mental health awareness, environmental conservation, elderly care, and clothing recycling upgrades.
We warmly welcome HKMU members to actively participate in the service-learning projects initiated by HKMU students, you can sign up for the workshops or as a volunteer to contribute through the link HERE. Moreover, participating teams will set up booths or exhibitions to promote their service projects during the first week of spring semester, please stay tune for the latest information via email!

[Service-Learning Challenge: Student Project Exhibition 23/24]

The Student Affairs Office organized the Service-Learning Challenge: Student Project Exhibition 23/24 from January 16th to January 18th, 2024, with the aim of showcasing and promoting the service-learning projects initiated by our participating teams. During the exhibition, the teams set up booths, interactive games, and volunteer recruitment activities covering various social issues, including mental health awareness, environmental conservation, elderly care, and clothing recycling upgrades.
The exhibition attracted a large number of HKMU students and staff, who actively participated in a series of experiential learning activities prepared by the participating teams. They gained in-depth understanding of the content of the service-learning projects initiated by each team, exchanged experiences, and collectively recognized the needs and issues in society.
The service-learning projects of each participating team have entered the final stage, and after completing their service, the teams will conduct project presentations at the end of February. The winning teams will have the opportunity to participate in HKMU’s first service-learning trip to Africa during the summer of 2024.


For enquiries, please contact Ms. Maggie Lai of SAO ( / 2768 6753).