BUN RUN Programme 2022/2023

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement Service-Learning Past Event Showcase BUN RUN Programme 2022/2023

BUN RUN Programme 2022 / 2023

“Give you what you can give. Take what you need to take.”

“The Bun Run Programme really helped me to realize our society more. I was surprised by the huge amount of waste food in Hong Kong as well as the number of people who really need the bread to maintain their basic needs.”

(Ka Wai Lee, Social Science with Honours in Applied Social Studies, year 3)


“Once in the food distribution activity, we saw a luxury car parking in front of the bakery where we collected food, but across the street it was just exactly the place where we were going to distribute the bread. The contrast let me realize the disparity between rich and poor in Hong Kong.”

(Jiexi Chan, Social Science with Honours in Applied Social Studies, year 1)

The poverty issue is a matter of urgency that we need to pay attention in Hong Kong. Although the government and various non-governmental organizations are committed to helping grassroots to get rid of poverty, there are still many homeless people in the society who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

The HKMU Student Affairs Office and Green Hour HK have jointly organized the “BUN RUN Programme” to collect and distribute surplus bread for homeless people and cleaner in Hong Kong. Activities of bread collection and distribution have been conducted, benefiting a total of 170 homeless people and cleaners in nearby areas. Through the programme, participatory students have learned more about bread-and-butter issues in Hong Kong and enhanced their empathy.