HKMU Summer Placement Programme at NGO 2022

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HKMU Summer Placement Programme at NGO 2022

Service-learning team has launched the “Summer Placement Programme at NGO 2022” in June.  We have coordinated with 11 NGOs in 8 service industries to provide 36 placement quotas for HKMU students from 4 July to 26 Aug (4 – 8 weeks).  This student enrichment programme aims to provide opportunities for students to develop their sense and awareness of workplace culture, enhance soft skills and advance theoretical knowledge.

  • Student recruitment and selection process

120 applications have been received and 60 students have been shortlisted based on their academic performance, students’ service-learning experience, skills and qualifications.  60 candidates were invited to attend a face-to-face interview in early-June.  They are required to answer direct Q&A questions, situational questions and do group presentation to show their understanding of the applied position, personality, logical thinking and communication pattern.

  • Pre-placement training

A briefing session and pre-placement training was organized for 36 students on 21 June, a career talk about business etiquette was delivered to enhance students’ knowledge and confidence with respect their abilities to demonstrate appropriate business etiquette in workplace setting.

  • Student support and advising

Service-learning team will schedule a site visit with NGOs to understand students’ performance, their working situation and interview with supervisors to get feedback in July/Aug.  Besides, students are required to set 3 learning goals before the placement, our staff will arrange mid-term advising session(s) to check with their learning experience and give advice to support them along the placement journey.