ICAC Ambassador Programme 2022/23

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement ICAC Ambassador Programme 2022/23

ICAC Ambassador Programme 2022/23

Past Event Highlights: Integrity Game Booth & Exhibition

HKMU ICAC Ambassadors organized the Integrity Promotion Campaign from 13 to 15 March, with the purpose of promoting positive value of ICAC and their anti-corruption work in Hong Kong. Around 200 staff and students actively participated in this campaign, they gained more understanding of the history and anti-corruption work of ICAC through joining the booth game and Q&A quiz.

Furthermore, an Integrity Message Board was set up for HKMU members to make a pledge and promote the importance of integrity. Please stay tuned and support the upcoming integrity promotion activities initiated by HKMU ICAC Ambassadors and learn the positive values of ICAC together!


Past Event Highlights: ICAC Aroma Stone Workshop

HKMU ICAC Ambassador organized the ICAC Aroma Stone Workshop on 15th May, ICAC officers were invited to share tips on entry requirements and job duties of ICAC.

During the workshop, ICAC Ambassadors used “Bamboo” as their theme, which represents the value of humility and integrity. With the guidance and support from ICAC ambassadors and staff, 25 students created personalized aroma stones, they also gained fruitful information about the entry requirement and career development of ICAC.


Past Event Highlights: Graduation Ceremony

ICAC Ambassador Programme 2022-2023 has come to a successful end! Thank you for HKMU ICAC Ambassador's effort and your active participation!

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