Activity Highlights (Late Oct to Dec 2023)

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement Me&U Community Caring Programme 2023/24 Activity Highlights (Late Oct to Dec 2023)

Activity Highlights (Late Oct to Dec 2023)

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Student service teams continued to participate in various training sessions, including workshop on communication skills with elderly people, animal rescue inspector job shadowing, video production skills, and subdivided housing experiential simulation through VR and escape room. These comprehensive training sessions allow them to understand the challenges faced by their service targets, and better prepare for their services in future.

Student team joined hands with Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) visiting more than 60 elderly people who were mainly living alone in To Kwa wan. Student team was required to teach them to use tablet for entertainment and had a pleasant chat with them.

“Meeting us” Elderly Caring Team

“Giving a Hug” Animal Welfare Team

“Linking up” Sub-divided Units Support Team