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On the lookout for space

Although it hasn't been long since celebrating the launch of the Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare, the University is already searching for more space to optimize students' learning experience. While negotiating for new sites in the neighbourhood, it is also rearranging existing spaces to accommodate more student and academic activities. Work in progress includes converting the basement of the Main Campus into a student amenity zone and moving some administrative offices to a commercial building. To provide the hardware for increasing non-local student in-take, it is also striving to create student accommodation by renting or acquiring properties nearby.

On the Jockey Club campus, the University is planning to set up an Integrative Health/Physiotherapy Centre. As the local practice and research site of the HKMU Department of Physiotherapy, the Centre will also support HKMU members and the wider community in achieving a better quality of life.

In search of a new motto

As the new title 'Hong Kong Metropolitan University' denotes its unique positioning, vision and mission in today's world, the University is developing a new motto to replace the existing one, which makes reference to the former Chinese title (`公開´). A working group has been organized for this very purpose. The new motto will convey HKMU's aspirations towards cultivating talent for the greater good of Hong Kong and beyond.