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Cricket for cultural diversity

While Hong Kong is a multicultural society, people from different cultural backgrounds largely remain in their respective communities. With the highest percentage of ethnic minority and international staff and students in HKMU, the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration (B&A) initiated a change by introducing students to a sport that is very popular internationally but lesser known in Hong Kong — the cricket.

The cricket taster event was put together by Dr Hamid Khurshid and Dr Faisal Khurshid. Dr Hamid Khurshid explains that the sport is extremely popular in Pakistan, where both of them are originally from. The taster experience comprised two training sessions and a match, giving 22 students a try of the exciting game.

As cricket is much more popular elsewhere, ethnic minority and international students were fast to respond to the call. This gave the group a diverse mix that successfully promoted cultural exchange and inclusion. Kathy Lui Hoi-ki, who is completely new to the sport, says, 'I've met many friends from different countries here. This is something I've never experienced in other activities.' Engaging in team sports is a good way to break cultural barriers as players on the same team are naturally driven to work towards scoring.

The next step will be to set up a cricket team in B&A, which will hopefully expand into an official HKMU team. For the time being, a first team of 11, plus five to six reserve players, is being selected from among the participants of the taster event, with around six being ethnic minority and international students.