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IOH facilities named to acknowledge philanthropic support

In recognition of a generous contribution to the University's development made by Dr Eddy C Fong, the University named two nursing teaching facilities in the Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare (IOH) after him on 9 December 2021 — the Eddy C Fong Nursing Skills Education Unit and the Eddy C Fong CNEC Preparation Room. Dr Fong is the former chairman of the University Council and a current member of the Court as well as the Sponsorship and Development Fund Committee (SDFC).



Another naming ceremony was held on 17 January 2022, paying tribute to Dr Edward Cheung Wing-yui. Also a member of the Court and the SDFC, Dr Cheung has made a donation to support the development of the IOH. The named facility was the Edward Cheung Nursing Skills Education Unit.

Visit by Secretary for Innovation and Technology

During a visit by Secretary for Innovation and Technology Mr Alfred Sit Wing-hang on 12 April, President Prof. Paul Lam discussed the University's research achievements, especially its involvement in the development of the proprietary C-POLAR air filter technology.