“Westventure” Reality Puzzle Game

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement “Westventure” Reality Puzzle Game

“Westventure” Reality Puzzle Game (Nov 2022)

In order to provide students with a deeper understanding on community culture and poverty issues, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) has organized “Westventure” Reality Puzzle Game in  November, allowing the students to learn about the reality of poverty through a fun outdoor puzzle game!

During the game, students became the protagonists of the story. They solved a series of puzzle through careful observation and team cooperation. In addition to the fun experience, students also witnessed the real poverty situation in community, and experienced the culture of Central and Western District, which bringing them a profound and unique learning experience.

We should learn to understand, tolerate, empathize and be ready to help others. Help those in need as much as possible within our own capabilities. (Thea Zhang, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in International Hospitality and Attractions Management – Year 3)

This activity made me realize that even in Central and Western District, the richest district in Hong Kong, there are still many poverty problems exist, which shows that the problem of disparity between the rich and the poor is still very serious in Hong Kong. (Alexis Yim, Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care- Year 1)