"Me & U" Mental Health Ambassador Scheme

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement Service-Learning "Me & U" Mental Health Ambassador Scheme

In order to promote the awareness of mental health among HKMU campus, the Student Affairs Office is organizing the “Me&U” Mental Health Ambassador Scheme, which aims to recruit a group of student leaders to implement the mental health promotion campaign regularly, provide peer support to MU students and to build a caring and supportive campus. Mental health first aid standard course, generic counseling and related trainings were provided to the Mental Health Ambassadors to enhance their soft skills and advance theoretical knowledge.

Past Event Showcase:

SAO has launched different mental health workshops in March 2022, such as “Feelinks” Board game, Mindful Yoga and Zentangle workshop. The Ambassadors also facilitated the events by sharing  information and leading discussions on mental health issues with participants.

Mental Health Ambassador also initiated and led a series of mental health workshops and activities from March to April, aiming to strength students’ mental health awareness and actions. More than 120 HKMU students participated these online activities during pandemic to discover ways to build supportive peer communities in HKMU.

Publication from Mental Health Ambassadors:

Mental Health Relief Self-help booklet was designed and written by ambassadors to promote mental health and wellbeing to HKMU students, with the support of Student Affairs Office and documents reviewed by HKMU counsellors. It contains some tips on navigating difficult situations and managing your mental health. If you have any ideas or resources, which you think may be useful for us to share, please email us at sl@hkmu.edu.hk.

Click here to download: Mental Health Relief Self-Help Guide