HKMU Photography Services for The Elderly 2023-2024

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement HKMU Photography Services for The Elderly 2023-2024

HKMU Photography Services For The Elderly 2023-2024

[Programme Content]

This program aims to provide student volunteers with the knowledge and practical skills to serve the elderly through photography services. Upon completion of training, student volunteers will have the opportunity to capture individual portraits of the elderly for their future use. Click here to view students' recent photography work for the elderly.


As a student volunteer, you will be able to: 

  1. Attend free trainings and workshops to equip yourself with leadership skills and knowledge to organize photography services for the elderly
  2. Gain experience in event organization, coordination and presentation; and
  3. Receive a certificate of appreciation upon completion of the programme.

[Programme Schedule]

Application Deadline
15 September 2023 (Fri)
19 -22 September 2023
Briefing Session & Communication Skills Workshop
7 October 2023 (Sat)
Photography Workshop
October 2023 (Sat)
Off – Campus
Makeup Workshop
26 October (Thur)
Shooting Day (1)
November 2023 (Sat)
Off – Campus
Shooting Day (2)
December 2023 (Sat)
Off – Campus
Shooting Day (3)
January 2024 (Sat)
Off – Campus
Shooting Day (4)
March 2024 (Sat)
Off – Campus
Sharing Session
18 March 2024 (Mon)

Past Event Highlights

Briefing and Training Workshop

The “HKMU Photography Services for the Elderly” programme continues to be organized as one of the signature service-learning programmes for AY 2023/2024, with the purpose of providing meaningful interactions and support to the elderly through the art of photography. The student recruitment and selection process for this programme has concluded. Selected students completed various training sessions in October, including Communication Skills Workshop, Life Education Workshop and Photography Workshop to enhance their skills and be prepared to provide makeup and photography services to the elderly.

Furthermore, student volunteers who participated in the previous year’s Life Education Ambassador Programme have taken on leadership roles this year. They provided training to the new batch of student volunteers, shared communication techniques with the elderly and discussing important considerations for the photography sessions. Through role-playing and discussions, these student leaders equipped their peers with positive values and cultivated a sense of service towards the elderly.

1st Elderly Shooting Day

HKMU Photography Services for The Elderly 2023/2024 – The 1st Elderly Shooting Day has been successfully organized. Led by 2 student mentors, a group of student volunteers meticulously prepared various visiting activities such as handicrafts, painting, and group games to establish a relationship with the elderly before the shooting session. After the visiting activities, the student volunteers utilized their knowledge and skills from photography and makeup workshops to serve 25 elderlies and take individual and family photos, aiming to create precious and meaningful memories for the elderly and their families. This service day provided the elderly with a pleasant and meaningful experience, allowing them to feel cared for and respected.


For enquiries, please contact Mr. Elvin Lau of SAO ( / 2768 6564)