Butterfly Conservation: Field Trip and Volunteering (Aug 2023)

Student Affairs Office Community Engagement Butterfly Conservation: Field Trip and Volunteering (Aug 2023)

Butterfly Conservation: Field Trip and Volunteering

(Aug 2023)

Student Affairs Office (SAO) organized the “Butterfly Conservation Mobilization” in August for Service Alliance members. By participating in this service-learning program, students had the chance to contribute directly to environmental conservation efforts at the renowned butterfly viewing spot, Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve. Through this programme, they gained knowledge about the native butterfly species in Hong Kong, their life cycles, and the threats they face. This practical experience is invaluable for understanding the challenges and solutions related to environmental conservation.
On the day of the event, students first received a briefing from the staff to learn about Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve and butterflies. They actively participated in weeding activities in the conservation area afterwards. Guided Tour was also conducted for students to further understand the operation and ecological features of butterfly reserve. Despite unfavorable weather conditions on the day, all students remained enthusiastic, demonstrated their curiosity, developed a sense of environmental stewardship and a deeper connection with nature.
Student’s Sharing
I have learned more types of butterflies and able to appreciate nature more. I know that environmental protection is very important, but after joining this programme, I deeply recognized the importance of environmental education.
(Yiu Ka Wai, Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care, Year 3)
After completing this programme, I have acquired valuable knowledge regarding the ecology and behavior of butterflies. Specifically, I have learned how to distinguish between different butterfly species by analyzing their physical characteristics and distinct patterns.
(Leung Wing Sum, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Digital Business, Year 4)