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Pepping visually impaired people up for a healthy life

In a move to promote disability inclusion, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) kicked off the White Cane Programme last year. It recruited students to assist visually impaired people to do sports, helping them gain confidence and stay healthy. The programme provided various sports activities for students and the visually impaired to take part in, including the HKMU Campus Run held in November 2022 and the darts competition co-organised with the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation in March 2023. Beforehand, students were offered a series of experiential activities aimed at equipping them with audio description skills and sighted guide techniques, as well as given pacer and darts training to support the visually impaired in sports activities.

Wong Ka-ki
Nursing Studies (General Health Care)

'We were their eyes, not only guiding their way but also encouraging them in the competition.'

'One of the experiential activities was to walk around the campus and eat blindfolded. I discovered that the things we thought could be done effortlessly are not easy for the visually impaired. Therefore, I knew that I had to communicate with my partner closely and describe the situation in detail when I guide her to run.'

Chui Shing-hang
Hotel and Sustainable Tourism Management

'I felt happy and satisfied when we finished the Campus Run together.'

'I remember one of the visually impaired athletes shared his experience after losing his sight and how doing sports cheered him up. It changed my view on doing sports. Also, I learnt that I need to put myself in different people's shoes, which would help a lot in my future career.'

Food drive to help the needy

To encourage students to learn more about bread-and-butter issues in Hong Kong, the SAO and Green Hour HK jointly organised the Bun Run Programme last year to collect and distribute surplus bread for cleaners and the homeless. The SAO also launched the Spread The Love — Food Drive in HKMU Campaign before the Chinese New Year, collecting around 125 kg of food and anti-epidemic supplies on campus, which were donated to the needy and grassroots families through the Mobile Food Pantry Service of Feeding Hong Kong.