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Students in Confinement

Student Affairs Office provides special support services to students in confinement, which include seeking study advice from course coordinators for students, and arranging study counselling visits to different prisons before examinations. Students can also apply in writing to the Student Affairs Office for authorization of delegates to borrow books or reading materials from the HKMU Library.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can inmate students enroll for courses?

For each prison/ correctional institution, there is a prison officer-in-charge whom the University will share with available and eligible courses per term, e.g. Autumn/ Spring/ Summer before the semester starts.

Inmate students are required to enroll for eligible courses via prison officers. 

2. How would inmate students obtain study materials?

The University will mail a set of study materials to registered students at the beginning of each study term, e.g. Autumn/ Spring/ Summer, via respective prison officers for distribution.


3. Would there be distance learning courses not suitable for inmate students?

Yes. For courses that require face-to-face assessment and/or learning components, they would not open to inmate students.  The University shares relevant information with prison officers timely to ease their communication with inmate students.


4. How can families of inmate students ensure inmates are adequately supported?

The University’s Student Affairs Office coordinates necessary teaching and learning support for inmate students.

1. What are the communication flow and contact points for inmate students through their distance learning journey?

We strongly recommended inmate students to communicate with the University via respective prison officers.  The University endeavors prison officers to assess most updated information.

Academic and administrative offices of the University are committed to providing teaching and learning support to students:


  • Preparing and disseminating of study materials to inmate students via prisons/ correctional institutions
  • Preparing and disseminating of additional study materials after the teaching semester, but before the final examination


  • Updating inmate students’ personal particulars
  • Official processing and tracking academic records of all students

Student Affairs Office:

  • Coordinating necessary teaching and learning support between prisons/ correctional institutions and the University
  • Providing financial assistance to inmate students in need who have met the criteria of HKMU Student Financial Assistance Scheme
  • Nominating, processing and disbursing scholarships to outstanding students

Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching:

  • Mailing student welcome kit and study materials to inmate students via prisons/ correctional institutions
  • Mailing follow-up of assignments and other teaching materials from teaching staff to prisons/ correctional institutions.

2. Could inmate students write mail/ letters directly to the University?

Inmate students are welcome to mail their assignments and questions pertaining to their academic study to teaching staff.  Nonetheless, prison officers are the responsible parties for providing basic support to inmate students; most study-related questions can be discussed with and sought advised from prison officers-in-charge.

1. Could inmate students apply for scholarships and/ or financial assistance to support their courses of study?

Yes. Financial assistance and scholarship invitations will be sent to all prisons/ correctional institutions before each semester starts.  Prison officers are the first contact point should inmate students be interested and/or encounter financial difficulties.


2. What are the criteria for scholarships and financial assistance application?

Details for scholarships and financial assistance bursaries applications for inmate students will be shared with prison officers.  Inmate students please check with the prison officers whenever necessary.


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